The Double Standard of the West Toward Israel

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Islamists and their apologists often complain that there is a double standard in the way the non-Muslim world views the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. One often comes across Muslim comments at my blog complaining that the West has closed its eyes to so-called Israeli atrocities.

Of course this is a lie. The record shows the reverse to be true. Israel is an open, democratic society and so when a Jew sneezes on a Muslim, it is reported in the Israeli newspapers, Israelis discuss the right and wrong of it, the UN severely condemns the action, Muslim sympathizers call it a massacre, and self-loathing American idiot Jews write articles about the Israeli apartheid state.

No Muslim government is open or democratic and so when it maims, kills and slaughters tens of thousands of innocent civilians, the tragedy is not reported on the local station, the citizens are afraid to openly discuss the matter, the UN blithely ignores it, Muslims blame it on the Jews, and self-loathing American idiot Jews write articles about the Israeli apartheid state.

Anyone visiting Israel quickly sees that Israel is the most multicultural, most democratic, most open country from North Africa to Indonesia, so apartheid state is hardly appropriate, as well as accusations of genocide or massacres when one child is killed.

The truth is there is a double standard of the West: the western world ignores 99.99% of Muslim barbarities.

For example, in February 1982 the Syria regime of Hafez Assad massacred tens of thousands of fellow Muslims, see Hama Massacre. The reaction of the UN? Nothing. Nada. Not a single condemnation. Before the decade was out, the UN had plenty of time to get all the reports about the Hama massacre and to issue a condemnation against the Syrian regime. It didn't happen.

However the UN did get its collective panties in a twist over Israel. From 1947 to 1989, Israel was "condemned," "vigorously condemned," "strongly condemned," "deplored," "strongly deplored," "censured," and "denounced" by the General Assembly 321 times. In that same time period, there was not one UN condemnation, censure, or denunciation of a single Arab country. (1) Not even a "we are displeased with Syria" from the UN.

Is there a Double Standard? of course. In favor of Israel? Boy, have you got that bass ackwards.


(1):, The U.N.'s Record Vis A Vis Israel

Prior to the Madrid Conference, of '91, the office of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir commissioned Shai Ben-Tekoa to do a statistical analysis of U.N. voting vis a vis Israel.

The following is a summary of Mr. Ben-Tekoa's research:

The Assembly expressed its "concern," "grave concern," "anxiety" etc. about Israeli policies or actions 179 times. The General Assembly expressed itself in similar terms about Arab policies or actions 0 times.

Condemnations: Israel was "condemned," "vigorously condemned," "strongly condemned," "deplored," "strongly deplored", "censured," "denounced" by the General Assembly 321 times. The Arabs were condemned 0 times.

Cumulative Number of Votes cast with/for Israel: 7,938. Cumulative Number of Votes cast against Israel: 55,642.

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