That Nice Muslim Coworker is No Threat, Right?

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Paul at his blog Celestial Junk describes Hardi and Mubarka, two Canadian Muslim women, who are peaceful Muslims and as pleasant human beings as anyone could ever meet. But let me stop - I was not being very accurate when I wrote "two Canadian Muslim women." I should have written "two Muslim women who happen to reside in the temporary non-Muslim nation called Canada," for in truth these women are Muslims first and barely Canadian second.

To understand what I mean, let Paul tell us what the problem is with these seemingly harmless moderate "Canadian" Muslim women:

Celestial Junk, Why the Peaceful Majority Might be Dangerous

Both Hardi and Mubarka present us with a perplexing conundrum because they are members of what has become known as the “peaceful” Muslim majority. They don’t have a violent bone in their bodies, and are clearly law abiding and productive members of Canadian society. But, they are also both part of a very small minority within Canada where they and their fellow Muslims have very little effect on Canadian politics or on the evolution of Canadian cultural norms. What if though, Hardi and Mubarka were part of a Muslim majority where they and their co-religionists held the power?

Both women are Muslims first and Canadians second. No matter how much respect one may have for either woman’s character, there is little doubt where either would place her loyalty if faced with choosing between the Canadian traditions of liberty for all, or Sharia. There is also little doubt that if they were part of a majority, they would acquiesce to the demands of the Muslim clerical class and choose Sharia for all Canadians.

And please, please stop saying that not all Muslims are terrorists as if we are worried about extremists; who cares about extremists? We know how to fight them and there are only a few million of them anyway. The problem is with the tens of millions of Hardis and Mubarkas against whom we have no weapons.

As I explained in my article Deporting Muslims and Banning Mongoose: "If we let in more Muslims we will slowly lose everything that makes America America. Our holidays offend, our advertisements offend, our movies and entertainment offend, our beaches offend, our schools offend, every particle of modern civilization offends and in the end, we will be complete dhimmis without one shot being fired, without one vest being unzipped, without any war being declared. Since we can't shoot them, there is no defense against moderate Muslims."

The greatest threat to Western Civilization is not al Qaeda or Muslim terrorists; it is your common, ordinary, average, moderate Muslim, see Writing is also a bomb: The Moderate Muslim Threat.

I personally know American idiots who have told me that they work with Muslims and that they seem to be decent, regular fellows who just want to be good Americans. Would it surprise my readers to learn that less than half of the Muslims in this country believe that Muslims coming to the U.S. today should adopt American customs? (1)

Even more shocking is that of the Muslims born in this country, raised in our schools, and living and breathing our culture only 37% actually believe Muslims coming to the U.S. today should adopt American customs. After everything this country offers them in freedoms and opportunities, these ungrateful lowlife bastards do not want Muslims to be Americans. Shows you: you can take Muslims out of a barbaric, primitive, savage Islamic tyranny but you can't take the barbaric, primitive, savage Islamic tyranny out of the Muslims.

To conclude, I'd like to quote Paul again:


It is therefore irrelevant in the grand scheme of things whether or not Hardi or Mubarka are “good” people; most people on the planet are, no matter their religion, race, or culture. What matters in the greater sense, is that as parts of the Muslim collective, neither woman would set aside her Muslim beliefs in order to safeguard and protect the full rights of non-Muslims to live as they choose. What’s even more disturbing, is that both women have experienced the gender freedoms afforded them in Canada, yet both have voluntarily resigned themselves to the greater Muslim collective.

As long as each woman is part of a small minority within Canada, she offers Canada much; but once she becomes part of a significant minority, or heaven forbid, a majority, she becomes dangerous. Why? Because Muslims wherever they form a majority choose Islamic norms over the broader more tolerant standards of the West. If given a chance, as has been clearly demonstrated the world over, they would unravel hundreds of years of hard fought human rights gains and replace them with the medieval practices of their faith. As such, both Hardi and Mubarka are simply bit players in a monstrous and destructive Muslim vortex that would drag civilization backwards hundreds of years.

The photo above right is of a typical Muslim family - any of my readers recognize them?

[The answer: Even Jews can turn into Idiots]




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