13 Shanzhai Sound-Alike Fakes

The Chinese deal in two kinds of knock-offs. The counterfeit, which looks like a real name brand product, but merely has a fraudulent label sewn on to appear genuine and then the Shanzhai, which almost look and sound close to a real name brand.

No self-respecting American woman would buy a blatant fake such as a "Cooch" bag, see my article Louis Vuitton Whores Shopping In Chinatown, they want their friends to think it's the real thing. However, in China there is a hungry and ready audience for Shanzai or almost the near thing.

Here are 13 Shanzhai:

  1. Bucksstar Coffee in China
    Bucksstar Coffee in China
    Photo Credit: Sommelier de café

  2. China Rips Off The iPad With The iPed
    China Rips Off The iPad With The iPed
    Photo Credit: kotaku
    The iPed is on sale in Shenzhen, China which is the location of the largest Foxconn plant where the iPhone and the iPad are manufactured. The iPed comes packaged similar to the iPad.

    Interestingly, the iPed is powered by an Intel chip and runs on Google's Android operating system. The employees at Foxxconn who make Apple products will never make enough money to buy the genuine articles, so iPeds are their only option.

  3. PMUA Brand Sneakers
    PMUA Brand Sneakers
    Photo Credit: hemmy.net
    Aside from PMUA there are other knock-offs such as PAMU, PAMA, FUMA, and a hundred other variations.

  4. Wu Mart
    Wu Mart
    Photo Credit: beijingimpression.com

    Business Insider, WuMart

    While the name is a clear rip-off of America's Wal-Mart, WuMart enjoys smashing success throughout China, offering discount products and food just like its American counterpart.

  5. Crust Toothpaste
    Crust Toothpaste
    Photo Credit: travel.webshots.com
    Chinese toothpastes are OK if you don't mind antifreeze as one of the ingredients.

  6. Nokia N97 Clone
    Nokia N97 Clone
    Photo Credit: dailymobile.se
    The Chinese company NOKLA makes phones that somehow look eerily similar to NOKIA. I wonder what would happen if one used a little magic marker on the lower right hand part of the L?

  7. Rolex Phone
    Rolex Phone
    Photo Credit: PCWorld
    A variation on a theme is to steal a brand name that has nothing to do with the product. This phone carries the Rolex name and logo without a single feature reminiscent of the wristwatch.

  8. Fake 'Sansung' Phone
    Fake 'Sansung' Phone

    PCWorld, Chinese Knockoffs: Fake iPhones and Strange Sights at a Shenzhen Market

    Fake "Sansung" Phone

    Many of the knock-off mobile phones made in China are printed with well-known brand names that have slightly altered spelling, such as Sansung, Nckia or Souy Ericssom. This one carries such a label but also shows how these phones often come with innovative elements either rare or nonexistent in branded handsets. This phone has a built-in analog clock that is visible whether the phone is open or closed.

  9. Goojje Search Engine
    Goojje Search Engine

    Gizmodo, Goojje Search Engine, Launches in China, Claims It’s Google’s “Sister”

    Chinese search engine that looks remarkably like one we've seen before. It launched on January 14, and yes, it's filtered for less flavor.

    The way the name works is this: Jie Jie (Goojje) is mandarin for sister, while "ge ge" (Google) means big brother (er, shouldn't that be the other way round?) The Web Monster (ie, the real one) is being exhorted to stay by its sino-doppelganger, with a message on Goojje that reads, "Sister was very happy when brother gave up the thought of leaving and stayed for sister."

  10. PQLQ Ralpl House Jeans
    PQLQ Ralpl House Jeans
    Photo Credit: lapatilla.com
    There is a Ralph Lauren Home where one can purchase the designer's creations for the home, and there is such a thing as Polo Jeans, but whoever came up with PQlQ Ralpl House needs to learn to write Engrish collectly.

  11. yu likee Nikee
    Like brand
    This is easy: you likee Nikee?

  12. CUGGI buckle
    CUGGI buckle
    Photo Credit: yuku.com
    Sometimes a simple metathesis such as CUGGI instead of GUCCI is enough to give the appearance of the name brand to the less observant shopper.

  13. Johnnie Worker Red Labial Old Scotch Whisky
    Johnnie Worker Red Labial Old Scotch Whisky
    Photo Credit: Gran Angular Blog
    I say there is nothing like having some old crotch whiskey on those cold nights alone in the attic.

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