Can Muslims be Good Americans? An Analyses

muslim demonstrator NY city

One of my early blog articles five years ago when I first started blogging was a discussion of an email going around back then called "Can Muslims be Good Americans?" and we concluded that the answer is a resounding NO!

Since then, we have learned that Muslims can't be good Frenchmen, good Germans, or good Englishmen.

The once very tolerant Dutch are fleeing the Netherlands to get away from Muslims. The Swiss voted to keep Muslim minarets from polluting their skies.

And so in every country where Muslims have invaded immigrated, they have shown that they cannot be good citizens.

Look at the photo top right of a demonstrator in New York City. He is not a member of al Qaeda or any known terror group (other than the terror group known as Islam). He is one of those Muslims that the US government counts as a moderate Muslim, until of course, he actually blows something up. As a Muslim, he rightly considers infidels as evil and as enemies of Islam.

He might even be born and bred in America just as many of the Muslims who have been caught plotting against our country. Even though he might have been born in this country, he will never feel American just as Muslims born in France do not feel French or those born in the UK do not think of themselves as British.

The reason is simple. Muslims in Syria, the Jordan, Iraq, etc. do not consider themselves as Syrians, Jordanians, or Iraqis as much as they think of themselves as Muslims. Most Middle East countries did not even have names until the last century when the French and British divided the old Ottoman Empire and assigned names such as Syria, the Lebanon and Iraq to arbitrary areas on a map. If the French after WWI had moved the border between Syria and Iraq a little more to the left, people we call Syrians today, would have been instead called Iraqis.

For centuries these peoples lived as Muslims under Ottoman rule and never had a history of nationality or of belonging to a specific state. Being a citizen of a country means very little to a Muslim. You will never see a Muslim from a Muslim country going out and killing anyone if an American burns a flag of their country or says something vile and offensive about their nation or ethnic group. A Syrian Muslim doesn't feel any more a Syrian than an American Muslim feels American. But go and print a rather mild cartoon of Mohammed in Denmark and Nigerians who have not a single friend in Denmark and unlikely even know where the hell Denmark is on a map, will go out and kill Christians and burn down churches.

A few months ago, Roshonara Choudhry, a Muslim girl born in the UK, educated her entire life in British schools, bred in English culture and society, and who seemed to be a typical young British girl, went into sudden-jihad-syndrome and tried to assassinate a British MP because of the British presence in Iraq. It is not the fact that Iraqis were being killed by British soldiers that angered Ms Choudhry. She doesn't know anyone in Iraq, has no friends or relatives there, and has never even been there. But infidels were killing Muslims. Thus she was compelled to attack one of her own countrymen in order to save the life of a Muslim foreigner. Being a Muslim is more important than family, ethnic group, or country.

For those of my readers who will complain that there are Muslims honorably serving in our military, let me say that they are Muslims in name only. No true, self-respecting, devout Muslim can do so. Devout Muslims in our military are time bombs, recall the case of Nidal Malik Hasan who tried to be both an American soldier and a devout Muslim but eventually failed and was compelled to do the only thing a devout Muslim in our army must do.

Can a Muslim be a good American? The larger question is "Can a Muslim be a good citizen of any country?" The answer is: Not if he is a true Muslim. A devout Muslim, by the rules of his religion, must seek to make all religion in the world for Allah.

### End of my article ###

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