Muslim Myth: Lots of Scientists are Muslims

islam 5 times a day

My articles on Muslim Jokes attract quite a number of comments from Muslim readers. For example, Muslim Humor - Muslim Jokes now has more than 768 comments and Muslim Cruises and Islamic Travel: 156 comments.

Although I get a fair number of comments when I write critical posts on Muslim atrocities (37 comments) and honor killings (25 comments), nothing brings them out of their tents and off their goats like mocking their religion, their prophet, and their culture.

I find comments from Muslims are even funnier than my jokes. For instance, reader Mido from Dublin, Ireland in response to my article More Offensive Muslim Jokes (457 comments), wrote:

lots of scientists are muslims. coz they know what's like being real good muslims. it's not about killing and hating, it's all about living in harmony with all the others.

There are lots of Muslim scientists? Who teaches Muslims this nonsense?

My reply to Mido:

... As for lots of scientists are Muslims, sadly that is not true.

Out of 1.5 billion people barely two Muslims have ever won a Nobel Science Prize, see Muslim Inventions - Nobel Prizes [52 comments]. If you want to know what group rules the sciences in Nobel Prizes - it is the Jews (more than 160).

If you want to know what group dominates the American Academy of Sciences - Jews.

If you want to know what group wins more US National Medals of Science - Jews.

If you want to know who wins the majority of all World Chess Championships - Jews.

If you want to know who wins the majority of all Kyoto Prizes in Advanced Technology - it is Jews.

If people were smart, they would not want to be Muslims, they would want to be Jews.

I'm not saying converting to Judaism will instantly make you smart, but put any Muslim child in a Jewish household from birth and I would bet any money he is 100 times more likely to grow up smart and successful. Put a Jewish child from birth into a Muslim household and I have no doubt he'll grow up dumb as the family goat. That's just the facts of life. Islam makes you stupid.

When you prepare yourself for prayers 5 times a day, wash yourself 5 times a day, bring the rug out 5 times a day, pray 5 times a day, and finally put the rug away 5 times a day - there's just no time for learning science or anything else at all.

When your head is filled with prayers all day, this is what you get: a Muslim scientist who claims that Islam's prophet Muhammad revealed the cure for AIDS in the 7th century:

WorldNetDaily, 13 Nov 2008,
Islamic scientist: Hadith revealed cure for AIDS

An Islamic scientist claim Islam's prophet Muhammad revealed the cure for AIDS, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Hamas TV scientist Ahmad Al-Muzain says Bayer, the German drug giant that developed aspirin, got its treatment for AIDS from "Prophet Muahmmad's Hadith About the Wings of Flies."

Al-Muzain, a Palestinian expert on "Qur'anic science," said during a program aired on Al-Aqsa Television Sept. 19 that the German company only confirmed what already had been revealed by Muhammad.

Video of the statements is available on the website of MEMRI, which monitors Middle East media outlets and interprets their reports.

"The prophet Muhammad said, 'If a fly falls into your drink, you should dip it in the drink, and then dispose of the fly – because one of its wings bears a disease, and the other bears the cure.'" Al-Muzain is quoted saying.

Ah, Muslim scientists, impeding progress for 1400 years.

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