Quran Burning and Man Murders Wife over Bad Breakfast

riots in Afghanistan over Qur'an burning
Photo Credit: CBCNews

It is the second day after Muslims found out that a Florida church burned a copy of the Qur'an and at least nine more dead in Afghan riots.

Some have blamed the pastor for the deaths. Let me explain to those who are so feeble-minded as to believe that.

In rural eastern Kentucky last September, Stanley Neace, 47, killed his wife, his stepdaughter and three neighbors with a shotgun before shooting himself. The reason? He didn't like the way his wife cooked his eggs (1).

His wife knew he was an unstable person who could easily become enraged over trivial matters. Shouldn't she have been more careful when making his breakfast? Shouldn't she have foreseen what would happen? Is she in any way responsible for his rage and the murder of unrelated persons in the matter?

No sane, intelligent person would think so. Of course, her cooking triggered the murderous rage that ensued, but she was not responsible. The blame lies solely upon the murderer.

The truth of the matter is, that Stanley Neace was itching to kill someone and only needed something to set him off. It could have anything, the way she greets him in the morning, or the color of her dress - this time it was breakfast. But in reality nothing to do with her or breakfast. He was just nuts.

The Muslims in Afghanistan are unhappy with westerners. They were itching to kill and just needed something to set them off. It could have been cartoons, it could have been someone eating a ham sandwich near a mosque. This time it was a Qur'an burning. But in reality nothing to do with the Florida church or the Qur'an burning. They are just Muslims.

By the way, these Afghan Muslims on the killing spree are not members of al Qaeda or any terror organization; they are just plain old typical Muslims.

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RTT News, Man Kills Himself, Wife And Five Others Over Breakfast Rage

Eye-witnesses said that Neace became enraged about his breakfast and shot his wife after he followed her as she ran into a neighbor's trailer, and shot the other three also there. He is later said to he gone home and shot himself an hour later when the police arrived.

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