Are Chihuahuas Smart Dogs or Plain Stupid

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When I write the truth about Muslims, some people get offended. When I write the truth about Blacks, some people get offended. When I write the truth about Chihuahuas, that they are perhaps the dumbest dogs on this planet, some people get offended.

Rachel, a visitor to my blog, left this comment: "My chihuahua is one of the smartest dogs ever. You just seem like a negative person all around."

That is quite an extraordinary statement to make, that her chihuahua is one of the smartest dogs ever! Some say that many dog owners and the dogs they own sometimes resemble each other. In this case, Rachel is just as clueless about her Chihuahua as Chihuahuas are about themselves. For example, Chihuahuas do not know they are tiny, minuscule little runts and many times pick a fight with a much larger, more powerful animal to their later regret.

If the entire head of the average Chihuahua were made up entirely of brain matter, it would still occupy less cerebral volume than that of a typical German Shepherd's brain.

So yes, Rachel, your dog is stupid. Not because I say so, but because their brains are tiny.

I should also mention that if you have small children in the house, you should not have Chihuahuas around. In my article Are Big Dogs Safe around Little Children I suggested for the safety of your son or daughter not to have a dog which weighs more than your child. However, if you have an infant or very small child, then Even Small Dogs are Not Safe Around Infants.

And Chihuahuas are especially dangerous around children. Their nervous temperament makes them generally unsuitable for homes with small children:

Dog Owner's Guide, profile: The Chihuahua

The tendency to be temperamental, a reputation for being suspicious of everyone but his owner, and a clannish dislike of any breed but his own makes the Chihuahua an unsuitable pet for households with small or boisterous children.

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