Nancy Grace Is an Idiot

nancy grace is an idiot
Nancy Grace Puts Up Misleading Images
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Nancy Grace is a full blown idiot and a dangerous idiot as well. Here's a stupid remark of hers this evening after the Casey Anthony verdict: "The jury found no crime was committed." No, you moron, the jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of the three major charges against her because the evidence was not compelling enough beyond a reasonable doubt. There very well may have been a crime committed but that was not the jury's mission.

Those who have been watching this case and viewing Nancy Grace's show have been viewing staged and fraudulent material.

Consider the image above. It is a snapshot of a video clip aired on the Nancy Grace show. See the breaking news headline: WHERE'S CAYLEE: TOT MOM ALLEGEDLY PARTIES IN LINGERIE!

A careless observer may think that while everyone is looking for CAYLEE, her mom is out partying almost naked. That may have been true but not in this case. The photos Nancy Grace is discussing were taken in 2006, way before Caylee went missing. Here, let blogger Hannah tell you what's really going on:

down the rabbit hole, Nancy Grace is an IDIOT

For those unable to view, I’ll summarize. The “tot mom” in question is Casey Anthony, the Florida woman whose toddler daughter Caylee went missing last year – her remains were found in December - and who’s currently on trial for causing the child’s death. The “party pics” referred to are photographs taken at a Halloween party Casey attended with some girlfriends in 2006. They were dressed in lingerie, fantasy type stuff like French maid and casino waitress (though I know no man who fantasizes about banging a casino waitress), and the party involved some girl on girl makeout, a little bump and grind - pretty wild stuff by Nancy Grace’s standards, apparently.

It’s worth watching the video just to see how appalled and self righteous Nancy gets when the gentleman she’s discussing these photos with refers to them as depicting “a good time”. However, the entertainment factor fades quickly in the face of the cheap tabloid journalism Her Graceness is peddling.

Let me be clear on one thing: I do not think Casey Anthony was a good mother – on that point Ms. Grace and I concur. Little Caylee had been missing for a full month before she was reported as such by her maternal grandmother, and even if Casey didn’t kill the little girl herself, she’s likely at least indirectly responsible for whatever DID happen to the child through neglect. BUT…to vilify her as a bad mother and a murderer because she was kissing girls at a party, “drinking beer” and “gittin’ all down on the floor” is a hideous miscarriage of justice.

“I find them (the pictures) highly probative”, says Ms. Grace in the video, “that is to say they prove a lot as to how the tot mom felt about rearing her child.”

Actually, they don’t. What they actually PROVE, what they’re PROBATIVE to (and thank you SO much Nancy for schooling us on what “probative” means) is that she was at a party in a skimpy outfit where she kissed another girl.

That’s it. That’s all they prove. They don’t prove she was a bad mother, they don’t prove she resented having to raise her child, and they don’t prove that she killed her child.

I do not watch Nancy Grace and neither do my daughters-in-law but they did for the last few days when the summations were taking place. I could not help hearing this idiot spout such dangerous nonsense that I'm surprised someone hasn't already slapped this silly woman in the face in public. Here was a woman facing a possible death sentence and Ms Grace is fabricating lies and distortions about her.

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