Did the New Rulers of Egypt Read My Article?

Kissing the Sphinx Goodbye
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Four years ago I warned my readers in my article 13 Things Egyptian your grandchildren will never see that Muslims cannot abide the artifacts of any other religion or culture and that a real danger exists that Islam will one day destroy the cultural and historical heritage of Egypt.

It appears I was wrong - it won't be your grandchildren or even your children who may never see The Pyramids or the Tomb of King Tut, it well might be you:

Doug Giles - Townhall Conservative, 28 Aug 2011, Democratic Egypt to Ban Bikinis, Beer and King Tut

this past week the “freedom folks” in Egypt have put forth their liberty legislation that includes bans on bikinis, mixed bathing on beaches, and drinking beer in public—and they’re even yapping about getting rid of the Sphinx, the pyramids, and other ancient Egyptian archaeological wonders.

Greek and Jewish communities have existed in Egypt for more than 20 centuries. Sadly, those communities have all but disappeared.

Christians have been in Egypt for more than 1900 years and at one time Egypt was predominantly Christian. Sadly, it seems Christianity in Egypt is also headed for extinction.

If we allow Muslim religious groups to rule Egypt we might as well kiss the Sphinx goodbye.

Muslims - they can't live with anyone.

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