Global Warming Could be a Good Thing

global warming - earth being roasted

Scientists have warned that more than 200 million Muslims could die as a result of global warming.

On a more tragic note, walking from my business in Chinatown today I scuffed my sneakers stepping off a sidewalk.

I personally do not believe we are in a climate crisis, but If you are wondering what Muslims have to do with global warming it is very simple: Muslims contribute to global warming every time they burn a village full of Christians.

Correction May 2013

The following photo has appeared on a number of websites as an example of Muslim violence toward Christians.

Alleged (but inaccurate) Result of Muslim on Christian violence in Nigeria in 2010
Alleged (but inaccurately reported) Muslim on Christian violence in Nigeria in 2010
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Although 99% of Christian-village-burnings are indeed committed by Muslims, after a thorough examination I have determined this is one time where Muslims were not at fault; this was a case of mass-murder of Christians by Christians:

LA Times, 5 Apr 2000, 530 in Uganda Church Burned Alive, Tests Show

KAMPALA, Uganda — The 530 people who died in a doomsday cult's chapel burned alive, consumed by gasoline-fueled flames and trapped behind doors and windows bolted from the outside, forensic tests showed Tuesday.

A.B.M. Lugudo, deputy commissioner of Uganda's forensics agency, said investigators are trying to learn what role may have been played by three people whose corpses, less thoroughly charred, were found in a separate room of the chapel.

"We are still looking to see if these people started the fire and tried to run away, but got caught up in the fire," he said. The explosive fire destroyed the Christian-based doomsday sect's chapel at Kanungu on March 17 and killed everyone inside.

The blaze prompted a search that uncovered an additional 394 bodies at compounds connected to the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God in southwestern Uganda.

The cult's leaders remain the key suspects, although investigators have yet to determine whether they too died in their sect's cataclysmic end.

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