No-Go Zones in Spain

Spain urges Brussels to help with influx of migrants from Africa
Spain urges Brussels to help with influx of migrants from Africa
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In response to my article who is Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez and who cares? , Ben (a visitor from Brentwood, New York) wrote in part:

Thanks for pointing out the obvious fakeness of this article.
No thanks for sticking on your half-baked validation of the articles racist and false claims.
Spanish cities "drowning in filth and crime?" Wow. I spent a wonderful time in Spain last spring, and must have missed that. Madrid was beautiful. Maybe I just avoided the "crime and filth" parts of town? Sure.

Ben, it is not racist to write the truth. As for false claims, let's examine them. Yes, you missed the cities drowning in filth and crime because you visited non-Muslim areas. Some cities have become no-go zones for infidel women who fear leaving their homes at night (1).

In cities where there is a large population of Muslims you will see rioting in the streets. (2)

Ben also visited the old city of Toledo and was amazed by the intersections of the three great monotheistic religions there. However, the citizens of Spain have had enough of Islamic intersections. Salt, a town near Barcelona, has approved a one-year ban on the construction of new mosques (3).

Spaniards in areas with Muslim immigrants have been petitioning their government for years to stem the flow of more Muslims into their cities. But a poor economy has accomplished what public policy could not: Spain’s decade-long surge of immigrants has already come to a dramatic halt (4).

Just FYI, Spain has over a million Muslims, the 8th largest number of Muslims in Europe, not counting Russia. So even though immigration has slowed, Spain still faces a Muslim problem.

Just to be clear, Spain does not face an immigrant problem, most non-Muslim immigrants at least share the same Judeo-Christian cultural values - Muslims do not. This is why Muslims do not integrate, do not assimilate, do not connect with the societies they live in, and do not even bother learning the language of their host country.

To help rid itself of too many unemployed, non-integrated foreigners, Spain three years ago started a policy of reverse-migration, paying them to go back to their home countries. (5)



Bare Naked Islam, 25 May 2011, SPAIN: Women are terrified to go out of their houses after 8PM because they fear Muslims will rape them

Public outrage spills out onto the streets of Salt, Spain as citizens vent their anger and frustrations at politicians who have allowed these Muslim good-for-nothing invaders to come into their city to do evil, to rob, to kill, and to destroy their way of life.

Youtube, SALT, España la primera línea de fuego-Ayuda


El medio social, 24 Jan 2011, Buscando soluciones tras una semana de altercados violentos en Salt

[Translation:] A young Moroccan man injured while fleeing the police lit the fuse on this occasion. 100 people protested by starting six container fires, burning 12 vehicles in a week of violence which included children and young men. The conflict could be reignited again on Saturday after demonstration by several social organizations.

This town was the scene of incidents less than a year ago between immigrant and local residents. That conflict also resulted in an increased presence of Catalan police to stop a spiral that has been unleashed again.

In Salt, it all started on Friday with a concentration of between 40 and 50 people(mostly aged between 9 and 14 years), almost all Muslim immigrants,in solidarity with Mohamed Reda Lyamani, who remains hospitalized in critical condition for more than a week. He fell into an open courtyard from a fifth floor to escape the police, who stopped him while driving a stolen motorcycle. The teenager, aged 16, has numerous criminal precedents.


Hudson New York, 1 Sep 2011, Spanish Town Becoming "New Mecca of the Most Radical Islamism"

The municipality of Salt, a town near Barcelona where Muslim immigrants now make up 40% of the population, has approved a one-year ban on the construction of new mosques. It is the first ban of its kind in Spain.

The moratorium follows public outrage over plans to build a massive Salafi mosque that is being financed by Saudi Arabia. Salafism is a branch of revivalist Islam that calls for restoring past Muslim glory by forcibly re-establishing an Islamic empire (Caliphate) across the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Europe such as Spain, which Salafists view as a Muslim state that must be reconquered for Islam.

Much of Spain was ruled by Muslim conquerors from 711 and 1492; Salafists believe that the territories the Muslims lost during the Spanish Reconquista still belong to them, and that they have a right to return and establish their rule there – a belief based on the Islamic precept that territories once occupied by Muslims must forever remain under Muslim domination.


The Economist, 4 Feb 2010, Recession is testing Spanish tolerance of high immigration

IT WAS a familiar cry against immigration. There is just not room for everyone, proclaimed Alicia Sánchez-Camacho, leader of the People’s Party (PP) in Catalonia, where an election is due later this year. Her complaint has come a bit late. Spain’s decade-long surge of immigrants has already come to a dramatic halt. The number of foreigners of working age began to fall in the second half of 2009. Recession has proved far more effective than policy at stemming the flow. A country in which unemployment has just gone over 4m and is heading towards a 20% rate is a poor bet for migrants. Indeed, the job outlook makes further falls in immigrant numbers likely.


global post, 5 Mar 2011, Immigrants in Spain give up on European dreams

The decision of many Moroccans to return to their country ― and not just in recent weeks ― comes at an advantageous time for Spain, whose struggling economy can hardly sustain its own people. In 2008, hoping to ease the strain, it began offering foreigners on unemployment free passage home, plus 40 percent of their benefits, with the promise of the other 60 percent later. As part of the agreement, they must give up their right to live and work in Spain for three years.

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