Muslim Terror Tonight in the Streets Of London

I just received this email from a friend in the UK: Muslim thugs have stormed the streets of London and are shooting anyone with a British passport.

The chaos and violence lasted for more than four hours - the police fear the death-toll could be as high as 3.

While the above is just a joke, it is no joke that there are simply too many Muslims on some London streets. Consider the following:

Bare Naked Islam, Muslims now squatting in the streets of London

Muslims praying at London’s City UniversityHEADS bowed in contemplation, hundreds of Muslims yesterday took to praying outside in a London street.

The religious ceremony took place at London’s City University after the institution’s Islamic prayer room was closed following a racist knife attack on four students outside the building last year. But Muslim clerics said they could not worship in a room where other religions also prayed.

The sight of hundreds praying in Northampton Square – which is lined with million-pound townhouses – has now become a familiar sight every Friday lunchtime to mark the Islamic holy day. Last night the University defended the decision to close the Islamic prayer room.

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