Do Jews Control the US?

The 1921-22 Philadelphia SPHAs. Note the Hebrew lettering on the jerseys.
The 1921-22 Philadelphia SPHAs. Note the Hebrew lettering
on the jerseys.
Photo Credit: Hoopedia

Before we discuss the question "Do Jews Control the US?" allow me a small digression: some of my readers may not know but 70 years ago American basketball was dominated by Jewish players:

Jon Entine, Questions of Race

So why did Jews dominate basketball for most of a quarter-century? ... When it came to basketball, writers of the time opined that Jews had an advantage because short men have better balance and more foot speed. Jews were also thought to have sharper eyes, which of course cut against the stereotype that Jewish men were myopic and had to wear glasses—but who says stereotypes have to be consistent? And it was also said that Jews were clever.

"The reason, I suspect, that basketball appeals to the Hebrew, with his Oriental background," wrote Paul Gallico, sports editor of the New York Daily News and one of the premier sportswriters of the 1930s, "is that the game places a premium on an alert, scheming mind, flashy trickiness, artful dodging and general smart-aleckness."

Eventually Jews left the inner cities and went on to other pursuits. But when they dominated basketball, they did not control basketball. Today, black athletes dominate basketball (it's rare that more than one white player makes it into the starting lineup). Despite that, blacks certainly do not control basketball; the mostly white owners in the 2011 NBA lockout showed them who was really in control. (1)

The purpose of the above discussion is to show that domination in an industry does not mean control.

I dispute the notion that Jews control America, even if it is true that Jews dominate the media, Hollywood, the music industry, the financial sector, the legal profession, philosophy, medicine, science, and Nobel Prizes.

Muslims believe that Jews control our Congress. This mistaken notion is due strictly to their hatred of Jews. As FORMER U. S. Secretary of State George P. Shultz explains in his forward to Abraham H. Foxman's book, The Deadliest Lies: The Israel Lobby and the Myth of Jewish Control:

The United States supports Israel, not because of favoritism based on political pressure or influence, but because both political parties and virtually all our national leaders agree with the American people’s view that supporting Israel is politically sound and morally just. Those who disagree with this policy, such as the authors whose writings are examined in this book, seem to assume they could not be wrong, and so they contend that the American people and its leadership must have been deceived, time and time again, by Israel and its supporters.

Anyone who thinks Jews control anything has never dealt with Jews. Before there was a State of Israel there were Jews who wanted to establish a Jewish homeland in Africa, in the Soviet Union, or in some other place and to this day there are even Jews who are opposed to any Jewish homeland at all, anywhere.

In Israel there are not two political parties out of almost 20 who agree with each other making it virtually impossible for a single party to gain power by itself.

Examine any anti-Israel rally and you will find that it was sponsored or supported and filled with, surprise: Jews. Jews cannot control America or Congress or the world because they cannot even control themselves.

So yes, Jews dominate many industries and businesses; hell, Jews even dominate chess (which we call the "Jewish National game"), but how does that translate into control of the world or the US?

Antisemitic individuals cannot understand why Jews dominate so many endeavors and so think it must be some Jewish conspiracy that puts Jews into those positions. But is it a black conspiracy that makes black athletes dominate in football and basketball? Or is it a simple explanation: black culture values athletic ability.

Likewise, Jews dominate in medicine, science, law, philosophy, music, entertainment, banking and so on because Jewish culture values intellectual ability. No conspiracy.

I have been a businessman since I was 7 years old. In the 1980s I dominated the gold business in lower Manhattan - however I never met an elder nor was I ever informed of a secret meeting where we Jews could discuss the protocols for taking over the world. Did I not get the memo?



NY Times, N.B.A. Reaches a Tentative Deal to Save the Season

Six weary figures rose from their chairs early Saturday morning, their expressions telegraphing the conclusion to the N.B.A.’s five-month labor crisis: Basketball is back in business, with a new labor deal that heavily favors the owners, despite some last-minute concessions.

The league wanted an overhaul of its $4-billion-a-year enterprise, and it got it, with a nearly $300 million annual reduction in player salaries and a matrix of new restrictions on contracts and team payrolls. The changes mean a $3 billion gain for the owners over the life of the 10-year deal.

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