In Europe 85 Percent Of All Hate Crimes Are Against What Religion?

'Burn your church'
"Burn your church"

If you listen to Muslims, you might be led to believe that they are being viciously attacked all over Europe; however, the truth is that although almost all Europeans hate Muslims, they very rarely take violent actions against them.

The truth is, in mosques all over Europe imams preach hatred for the West, calling for Jihad against Crusaders and Jews. And the Muslim Ummah diligently follow their instructions.

The truth is, 85 percent of all religious hate crimes in Europe actually occur against Christians:

Avpixlat, 31 Mar 2012, 85 percent of all religious hate crimes against Christians in Europe

Intolerance is gaining ground in the West. In all the cases against Christians. For Christians are the group most discriminated against and subjected to the most hate crimes in Europe.

Our research shows that 85 percent of all hate crimes, in which religion is the underlying cause in Europe, directed at Christians. It is high time that the public debate takes this fact seriously, says Gudrun Kugler on Dokumentationsarchiv der Intoleranz gegen Christen (Documentation Archive of intolerance against Christians).

Catholic Exchange, 29 Mar 2012, Attacks on Christians in Europe Intensify

What was the most vilified religion in Scotland in 2010-2011? Not Islam – only 2.1 percent of religious hate crimes were directed against Muslims. Not Judaism – only 2.3 percent were directed against Jews. According to a report by the Scottish government, 95 percent of all religious hate crimes were directed against Christians.

DICI, France: Churches continue to be desecrated

Tabernacles broken into, consecrated hosts trampled underfoot, graffiti full of hate, broken furniture, stolen works of art… The list of desecrated churches grows ever longer as the days pass. The last to date occurred in Nantes. During the night from 26 to 27 February, one of the doors of Saint Donatian’s Basilica was covered with despicable comments: “Burn your church.”

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