The Most Beautiful Woman Won Miss USA: Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo of Rhode Island has been crowned Miss USA 2012
Photo Credit: FoxNews

My wife and I came to Las Vegas this past weekend to attend a jewelry show (see my previous article) and when we found out that the Miss USA 2012 event was being held on Sunday we decided to attend since we have never been to a beauty pageant before.

I have to say there must have been a thousand beautiful women in the audience. I have been to hundreds of Broadway Shows, Cirque Du Soleil, Boxing matches and other events and I have never noticed such a plethora of stunning and attractive women. Perhaps beauty pageants just brings them out of the woodwork.

The minute I saw Miss Culpo I wanted her to be mea culpo. Yes, I know, I'm married. If you are wondering, my wife also thought Miss Culpo was the most beautiful of the 51 contestants on stage. We both would have bet money that she was going to be crowned Miss USA 2012.

My wife and I have an agreement: I can make love to famous women with her blessing; that is to say, if I told her I was having sex with Angelie Jolie tomorrow, she's say, "Go for it."

Likewise if she told me Brad Pitt was taking her to his bed, I would give my blessing.

I believe this is an accepted exemption clause to the marriage vows that many married couples would abide by.

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