French Magazine Charlie Hebdo Prints Cartoon of Mohammed Naked

French Magazine Charlie Hebdo Prints Cartoon of Mohammed Naked
Photo Credit: Charlie Hebdo via Weasel Zippers

Here's the French cartoon of Mohammed naked that will most likely twist the turbans of millions of murderous, marauding Muslims. Now it's the French government's turn to be worried about their embassies and citizens in Muslim countries., Naked Mohammed Cartoon Prompts French Embassy, School Closures Across Middle East

Less than a year after its offices were firebombed and during a week gripped by anti-Western violence in the Muslim world, French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is holding no punches, publishing on Wednesday cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed naked. And now fear over backlash has prompted the French to close embassies and schools across the Middle East.

I think this is a good thing. I hope that the French get ALL their citizens out of Muslim countries and close down ALL their embassies, so that no infidel lives are lost.

My fervent wish is for good cartoonists all over the world to start mocking Mohammed, Islam, and Muslims. Perhaps then the developed nations of the world can get out of every Muslim country and let the Muslims riot and kill among themselves.

Civilized peoples do not belong in and should not be visiting Muslim countries. Likewise Muslims do not belong in, let's all admit it, nor should they be visiting civilized nations. They despise our customs, our way of life, our unbelief in their Allah, the way we treat our women, and our brazen freedom of speech. Let's not insult and offend them by letting them see how we live. Let them stew in their 7th century savage culture.

Note: In the cartoon where the alleged prophet Mohammed asks, "et mes fesses? Tu les aimes mes fesses?" I translate as - "Hey, what about my ass? You like my ass?" The headline for that panel reads: "The film that swept the Muslim World."

In the cartoon where the wheelchair-bound muslim says, "faux pas se moquer." I translate it as, "Don't mock us."

For more translations, please check out Bare Naked Islam BRAVO! CHARLIE HEBDO…offending Muslims as they offend everyone else, and never apologizing for it.

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