Danish No-Go Zones

Odense district of Vollsmose
Vollsmose is one of the biggest Muslim ghettos in Denmark
Photo Credit: www.b.dk

I previously discussed with my readers the subject of No-Go Zones in the United Kingdom, No-Go Zones in Spain, and No-Go Zones in France.

The No-Go Zones described above are military enclaves filled with Muslims, many of them born and bred natives who refuse to assimilate or accept the culture of their own country and facilitated by multicultural policies that encourages them to create parallel non-integrated societies ruled under Shariah Law.

My intention in this series of articles on Muslim No-Go Zones is to document the threat that moderate Muslims pose in every civilized country they invade. The No-Go Zones are not filled with extremists or terrorists but by average, every-day Ahmeds and Fatimas who are commanded by the Qur'an to make the infidel world entirely Dar al-Islam.

In this article we will discuss the No-Go Zones in Denmark.

There are more than 400 islands in Denmark of which Funen (population 455,236) is the second most populous. Its main city is Odense (one-third the island's population) which is now under attack by Muslims. According to police accounts, these savage thugs are attacking Danes in order to force them out and leave control of the city in the hands Muslim gangs (1).

It is not just one city with one ghetto - Muslim immigrant gangs have spread all across Denmark: south from Copenhagen, from inner Nørrebro, to the suburbs Ishøj, Greve, Køge, Albertslund, Herlev, Hillerød, Høje Gladsaxe, Hundige, Roskilde and Skovlunde (2).

Here is a first-hand report by a former leftist multiculturalist pawn:

Gates of Vienna, My Experiences with a Danish Sharia-Zone

Below is an article published last Sunday by a former Danish leftist, who writes about sharia-controlled zones in his old neighborhood in Århus.

My Experiences with a Danish Sharia-Zone
by Dan Ritto

On the front page of today’s edition of [Danish newspaper] Ekstra-Bladet you can see the headline ‘Here, sharia law applies’, and a map of the areas of the country where the imams and so-called cultural societies have established an alternative judicial system based on sharia law.

One of these areas is Gellerupparken, where I used to live and participate in what I thought was an effort to integrate immigrants into society. A feature article in the newspaper says that according to experts, these areas will, in the course of 10-15 years, be anti-democratic. I’ll stipulate that depending on what you mean by “democratic”, Gellerup has already turned that corner.


At one point during this period I got the suspicion that there was a direct connection between the imams (or some of them at least) and the groups of young men the media and the police called gangs. Neither then nor now could I prove this, but I notice that Ekstra-Bladet in its feature draws a connection between the upholding of the sharia court system and the youth groups belonging to the culture societies and the mosques. The intelligent reader is encouraged to draw his own conclusions!

Very often have I been told that ‘We have our own rules out here’ and that problems are solved without involving the police. Back then I couldn’t imagine sharia courts in the middle of Århus, but today I understand that was what they meant.


During the 3½ years I lived in the area, I saw AK 47-rifles out in public three times. They were not fired, just taken out. On top of that, a couple of pistols and from time to time knives. My conclusion is that there are enough weapons in circulation out there.

I could go on for a long time describing my experiences in Gellerup, but that shouldn’t be necessary. The point of this whole tale has been to establish by credentials when I talk about Islam, integration and Gellerup, and should be in order now!


The other example is the mayor we had until a few weeks ago, Nicolaj Wammen (a Social Democrat). He has been elected mayor here in Århus twice, and both times he had long conversations way in advance of the elections with the previously mentioned ‘Islamic Societies’ — that is, the imams. Wammen got their support, and thus the votes of a majority of Muslims in Århus.


I am critical of Islam because I know both the Muslims and Islam. Given the choice, I have chosen freedom. Because freedom is better than slavery, because light is better than dark — because civilization is better than Islamic barbarity!

Shariah Law and Muslim No-Go Zones - coming soon to a neighborhood near you.



Jihad Watch, 24 Jan 2012, Danish police: Immigrant criminals target Danes to make them move out of the (Muslim) area

Muslims' right to rob non-Muslims has been established since their prophet (always "their", not "the") attracted fighters by allowing booty and rape when attacking non-Muslims. An anonymous Danish police officer now says that "immigrant" criminals are targeting non-Muslims because they want them to leave the area. I guess the non-Muslims could avoid such attacks if they paid jizya to the local mosque.

Here is an account of Muhammed's copy cats at work, translated from B.T., January 23rd 2012. Vollsmose is one of the biggest Muslim ghettos in Denmark, located in Odense on the Island of Funen. "Police officer: They want the Danes out of the area. Danes targeted in burglaries in Vollsmose":

A burglary campaign against ethnic Danes has spread in the troubled district in the recent months.

- There is a kind of racism out there, where we find that more and more Danes are chased out of the area. It happens as a result of a big increase in burglaries. There have been approximately 150 burglaries the last four months. What is striking is that nine out of ten burglaries are now directed against ethnic Danes, a cop at Funen Police headquarters explains. The cop does not want us to publish his name for fear of losing his job. His name is known by the editors. The officer believes that someone is trying to cleanse the area from the remaining Danes.

- Several of the young offenders have directly said that they want Vollsmose for themselves. Last year a Danish family reported several incidents, with the result that the family's apartment was vandalized every week until the family finally gave up and moved out of the area. Additionally, many of these burglaries resemble actual vandalism, which make it look like some kind of revenge.

The officer criticizes the way the authorities are handling the problem. He believes that they are trying to cover up the development simply because it is controversial.


Gatestone Institute, 14 Mar 2012, Muslim Gangs Terrorize Denmark

Over the past several years, the immigrant gangs have proliferated geographically across all of Denmark. The gangs have spread south from Copenhagen to the rest of Zealand, from inner Nørrebro, to the suburbs Ishøj, Greve, Greve, and on to Køge. The gangs are also active in Albertslund, Herlev, Hillerød, Høje Gladsaxe, Hundige, Roskilde and Skovlunde, among many Danish localities.

One of the largest criminal gangs in Denmark is a Muslim gang called Black Cobra. The organization was founded by Palestinian immigrants in Roskilde near Copenhagen in 2000 and now operates in all Danish cities.


Immigrant gangs often operate or seek refuge in so-called no-go zones that are effectively off limits to Danish authorities. These "no-go zones" involve suburbs of Copenhagen and other Danish cities that function as autonomous enclaves ruled by Muslim immigrants, areas where Danish police fear to tread [3].


YouTube, Danish police chases car in Muslim ghetto

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