Who Is Going to Hire an Idiot Who Bankrupted Hostess?

Jose Lopez, a 24 year Hostess machine operator, strikes in front of the Columbo Bread factory operated by Hostess on Nov. 16, 2012 in Oakland, Calif
Jose Lopez, a 24 year Hostess machine operator, strikes
in front of the Columbo Bread factory operated by
Hostess on Nov. 16, 2012 in Oakland, Calif
Photo Credit: Mike Kepka, The Chronicle / SF

Small businessmen are used to bad months from time to time, and will pay their workers and other business expenses out of their own pocket. However, when faced with a bad year and prospects of even more bad years, a decision has to be made to severely cut expenses or close the business.

Seven months ago, after one of my business locations lost money for more than 12 months in a row, I determined that in order to keep my workers employed they would have to take a pay cut of 25% to which they readily agreed. They are not union and they are not stupid - they know finding work these days is not easy. I also told my landlord that my rent would have to be reduced by 33% to which she readily agreed, she also is not stupid, she knows finding tenants these days is not easy. So with these new conditions in place, this particular location, although not making as much money as years before, is no longer losing money and is at least providing some income as opposed to no income for me, my workers and my landlord.

Robert Laurie, writing a Guest Commentary at CainTV, makes this observation regarding the stupid union idiots at Hostess:

The current unemployment situation in America is dismal. Jobs are hard to come by, and hundreds of candidates turn out for each opening. Those who’ve just lost their positions have been thrown into a massive pool of unemployment and will have to compete with a huge number of workers. If that fact isn’t bad enough, imagine you’re a potential employer, faced with a candidate who was a formerly a union member at Hostess.

Do you really want to hire someone who voted to bankrupt and destroy one of America’s great brands, putting 18,000 people out of work, rather than accept a pay cut? If the choice is between two potential new employees, one who struck at Hostess and one who didn’t, who are you going to pick?

I have long maintained that Liberals (this includes anyone who supports unions) are deluded fools who have visited the Kool-Aid fountain one time too many - here is such an example:

The Las Vegas Badger, Update: Hostess Union Workers: Stupid As Hell

You can't make these things up- From the San Fran Chronicle: Outside the Oakland bakery, several striking workers said they weren't sure whether to believe that the company was kaput.

"They play hardball," said Carlos Deltoro of Mountain House, who has put in nine years as a machine operator at the Oakland bakery, located a stone's throw from the Coliseum. "This could be a tactic; that's what we're praying for. We're waiting to hear if it's official."....

These are the same fools who believe the delusion that Islam is a Religion.

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