I get a Twofer: Human Barbie Olga `Dominica` Oleynik and Snake

Blogger Joern Pallensen over at Transhumanisten shamelessly exploited (with my full blessing) my Blogging Rule # 5 Or How To Get 1 Million Hits To Your Blog Without Really Trying by introducing his readers to the two human Barbies, Valeria Lukyanova and Olga ‘Dominica’ Oleynik.

Barbie Twins Valeria Lukyanova & Olga ‘Dominica’ Oleynik  team Up

If you haven't heard of Valeria Lukyanova before, please read my article Real Life Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova In Bikini.

As for why this is a twofer, some of my readers are aware that one of my favorite category tags is Snakes & Women, so this is one of those rare times when I get to post two women and two snakes in one photo.

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