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Today at 02:03:32 PM, a Mac user from Mclean, Virginia, became my 10 millionth hit (since Jan 2006) by visiting my article Was Paul McCartney of the Beatles Responsible for the Murders Committed by Charles Manson?

For small bloggers like me, this is a great milestone. I was excited when I wrote about my 1 millionth page view (May 2007), my 2 millionth page view (Dec 2007), and my 5 millionth page view(Jun 2010).

Although I don't get as many hits as Little Green Footballs, I believe I haven't jumped the shark as Charles Johnson has done. That idiot believes in global warming yet ignores the threat posed by Islam.

But enough of that, let me thank all my visitors for coming here, and all the bloggers who link to me in their blogroll (see sidebar). I appreciate all the traffic sent to me.

The next milestone will be 25 million page views (I estimate sometime in 2018).

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