If Only Sarai Sierra Had Read My Blog She Would not be Missing in Turkey

Without a trace: Sarai Sierra, a 33-year-old mother of two young sons, has not been heard from since January 21 after traveling alone in Turkey
A 33-year-old mother of two young sons,
has not been heard from since January 21
after traveling alone in Turkey
Photo Credit: AP/ Family Photo

I hate being an I-told-you-so, but it's necessary in order to save future lives. As I wrote here, here, here, here, and hell, in more than a few dozen articles: My advice to all infidels, especially women: do not travel to any Muslim country.

Staten Island woman, Sarai Sierra, who went alone to Istanbul on 7 Jan 2013, has now been missing for over a week (1).

A number of things went wrong here:

  • Non-Muslims should not be traveling to Muslim countries; Muslims do not tolerate people of other religions well.

  • No woman should be traveling to Muslim countries. According to the World Economic Forum report [PDF] Muslim countries are the worst in regard to how they treat their women (let alone infidel whores) - with Turkey showing up 14th from the bottom.

  • No pretty woman should be traveling to Muslim countries. Most Muslim women are not as pretty as western women and so raping a pretty female infidel is highly desirable.

  • No woman should be traveling alone to Muslim countries. Such women are considered whores asking to be raped and killed.

  • No unveiled woman should be traveling to Muslim countries. Unveiled women, above all others, are prime, juicy steaks that Muslim men cannot resist (2).

I know what some of my Muslim readers are going to say, "This is just the case of one woman going missing in a foreign country. It happens in other countries as well. Don't blow this all out of proportion. Turkey is a modern, civilized country that treats its women well."

I disagree. Despite all those exotic advertisements you see about travel to Turkey (3), one must understand that because it is a Muslim country, it is quite backward in how it treats women. More women in Turkey are killed simply because they are women than die from cancer, traffic accidents, war or malaria (4). Sadly they leave that bit of information out of their commercials.

Please, dear readers, if you know any friends who plan to vacation in Muslim countries, send them this article. You might save their life.

And yes, I've been to Turkey a few times. Now that it is under the rule of Islamists, I certainly will not visit again.

See my updated article Was Sarai Sierra Sold Into White Slavery in Turkey?

Update 2 Feb 2013

Sarai Found Dead:

CBS News, Turkish media: Missing New York woman Sarai Sierra found dead

ISTANBUL A New York City woman who went missing while vacationing alone in Istanbul was found dead on Saturday and police detained nine people for questioning in connection with her case, Turkey's state-run news agency said.

Sarai Sierra, a 33-year-old mother of two, was last heard from on Jan. 21, the day she was due to board her flight back home. Her disappearance attracted a lot of interest in Turkey, where disappearances of foreign tourists are rare, and Istanbul police had set up a special unit to find her.

The Anadolu Agency said the body of a woman was discovered Saturday evening near the remnants of ancient city walls and that police later identified it as Sierra's.

CBS News reporter Laura Wells in Istanbul reports that the police said the nine people who were detained were at the scene when the body was found with Sierra's driver's license near the Four Seasons Hotel.

Authorities believe that the woman whose body was found was probably stabbed elsewhere and was then left at the city walls, Wells reports.



UK Daily Mail Online, Family's desperate search for New York mother-of-two after she went missing while traveling alone in Turkey

Sarai Sierra, 33, a freelance photographer and mother to two young boys, left for Istanbul January 7, in part to indulge her passion for the medium, capturing the stunning scenery and architecture.

She was last in touch with her family on Monday, when she was supposed to begin her journey home.

Mrs Sierra was originally supposed to travel with a friend but when that fell through at the last minute, she chose to travel alone, marking her first solo trip overseas.

Her husband, Steven Sierra, was waiting for hours at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey on the 22nd to pick her up. Airline attendants in Turkey said that his wife did not show up for the flight.


Planck's Constant, Muslim Cleric: Unveiled Women are like Juicy Steak

A Muslim cleric's claim that women who do not wear the veil are like 'uncovered meat' which attracts sexual predators sparked outrage in Australia.


YouTube, Turkey Promotional Video

Turkey is a modern nation thriving amidst an outdoor museum, a captivating blend of antiquity and contemporary and of East and West,. The cradle of civilization and center of world history today stands as one of the fastest-growing tourism destinations in the world. Turkey was the site of the first human settlement; the seat of the Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman Empires; the birthplace of Homer and the last home of the Virgin Mary, just to name a few. Today Turkey, with its spectacular coastline, majestic mountains, cosmopolitan cities and quaint villages is one of the worlds most fascinating destinations and, for American travelers, a wondrous blend of the exotic and the familiar.


Bulletin Of The Oppression Of Women in Islam, 15 Aug 2012, Turkish Gender-based Violence Causes Majority of Deaths of Women

The number of women who die due to gender-based violence surpasses the number of women who lose their lives due to cancer, traffic accidents, wars and malaria, revealed a study by the Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Policy.

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