Was Sarai Sierra Sold Into White Slavery in Turkey?

Reporters outside of hostel where Sarai Sierra was staying
Reporters outside of hostel where Sarai Sierra was staying.

It seems that a number of new visitors to my blog were outraged by my seemingly bigoted, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and racist article If Only Sarai Sierra Had Read My Blog She Would not be Missing in Turkey. Obviously these readers have not been exposed to the truth about Islam in their daily reading.

Isis Blanche, a visitor from Puerto Rico, left the comment, "... the reason for her disappearance is yet to be discovered."

I responded,

Isis, yes, that's true. She could have had a fainting spell and some good Samaritan has put her up in their home. Perhaps she was dealing in drugs and pissed someone off. Perhaps she met someone and ran off with him, abandoning her two children and her husband and American way of life.

Anything is possible. But I wouldn't bet any of my money on any of these. I would put money on the safe bet: She was either sold into white slavery or has been raped/killed.

Here's why my money is on white slavery; despite all the comments protesting how safe it is in Turkey, please consider the following:

UPI.com, Turkey, a center for 'White Slavery'

Turkey, which is seeking to join the European Union, is a center for prostitution trade known as "white slavery" mostly with women from Eastern Europe.

According to Amnesty International, Turkey is a transit stop for women from the former Soviet republics who are forced into prostitution in European and Arab countries.

Reports said an estimated 2,000 women are being forcefully prostituted in Turkey annually.

Human rights groups have criticized the Turkish government for granting the women fleeing poverty at home temporary work permits to be able to engage in prostitution.

Turkish human rights activist Ahmed Uglu said the majority of the women were being lured by the promise of decent work in Turkey and then forced into prostitution.

Some of my readers disagreed with my observation that non-Muslims are more attractive than Muslim women. It happens that Turkish men have had their fill with the local variety of prostitutes and have had to import young, slender women of the Sarai Sierra type which are in short supply:

New York Times, Turkey's Growing Sex Trade Snares Many Slavic Women

The women arrive here by ferry from across the Black Sea, sometimes dozens at a time. Whatever their real names, they are known in Turkey as Natashas, and often end up working as prostitutes in this country's growing sex trade, sometimes against their will.


Most of the women come of their own free will but many end up as virtual slaves, sold from pimp to pimp through a loosely organized criminal network that stretches from Moscow to Istanbul and beyond.

... But women working in general houses - there is usually one in each large city - tend to be older, and the demand for young, slender women has outstripped supply as Turkey's economy has improved. Slavic women are meeting that need.

Before any of my readers complain that these are reports from biased, western news organizations, here is more of the same from an Egyptian Arab source:

Arab West Report, [link dead] White slavery business is booming in Turkey

In some of Turkey's suburbs full of cheap hotels and pubs, you can easily recognize prostitutes from their natural blondness that distinguish them from the dyed blond hair of the Turkish women. Natasha is their most common name.

A girl named Natasha of Russian origin, who lived in one of the former Soviet republics, met a man who offered her a job as a secretary in Turkey, the country of salvation for people like her. He finished all the necessary papers for her to leave for Turkey. She met her potential employer when she first arrived. He took her to his place, raped her and told her he bought her from the man who helped her to get here and that the only choice she had was to work as a prostitute. The same story was repeated with two other Natashas who migrated from their villages to be recruited in Turkey.

I don't know what to say. My opinion is that young, attractive, slender women traveling alone should not be going to a country where men feel they can force them into prostitution and which is a booming center for the white slave trade. It is not an opinion that comes from an unsubstantiated hatred of some ethnic or religious group. I only warn women to spare them rape and possible death. I do not write these articles to inflame prejudice or hatred. But I understand: some of my readers have been taught that intolerance of any kind is wrong.

However, they were not taught that there is nothing wrong with intolerance of evil.

On another note, one of my constant readers, jFp has suggested that she might have been a drug mule:

UK Daily Mail Online, Last sighting of New York mother hours before she vanished in Turkey

Authorities earlier revealed that Sarai took trips out of Turkey to travel to Amsterdam and Munich, and that she had been chatting with a man on the internet from her hostel.

But as I said before, my money is on white slavery. As I wrote in my article Slavery in Modern Islam: "It is very simple and easy to know whether there is slavery in a particular country: if a country is Muslim majority, then there is slavery in that country."

### End of my article ###

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