Christian Converts Live In Fear in Intolerant Turkey

conversion from Islam means death
Photo Credit: Dawn,com

I know what some of my readers are thinking: Why is Bernie writing such horrible, untrue, provocative, bigoted opinions such as the title of this article? First of all, I rarely give my opinion in my articles. When I write that converting from Islam to another religion in all Muslim countries is blasphemy for which the punishment is death, that is not an opinion, that is a conclusion reached after reading the sources I cite in my articles.

In response to my article If Only Sarai Sierra Had Read My Blog She Would not be Missing in Turkey, one particularly clueless reader wrote that I am sooooooo ignorant and wrong; that a Muslim can certainly convert to Christianity without fear of death. Some Muslims in Turkey did not get the memo - here's the report from the German Magazine Der Spiegel:


Turkish converts to Christianity fear for their lives after the brutal murder of three people at a Christian publisher. Angela Merkel has called for Ankara to promote religious tolerance, while secular intellectuals ask why the 99-percent Muslim country can't put up with a few Christians.


Turkish fanatics armed with bread knives stormed into the office of the Christian Zirve publishing house in the south-eastern city of Malatya, tied up Geske and two other employees [two Turkish converts to Christianity], before torturing them and finally killing them by slitting their throats. One of the victims was stabbed 150 times in a particularly brutal attack. A note left at the scene read: "This should serve as a lesson to the enemies of our religion. We did it for our country."

So you see, the idea that 'Christian Converts Live In Fear in Intolerant Turkey' is not a notion that percolated from my brain.

I should amend my statement that the punishment for apostasy is death, to almost always death. While apostasy is illegal in most Muslim countries, it is however supposedly legal in Turkey, technically speaking: that is, if you don't let anyone know that you converted. Why keep it a secret? A 2010 Pew Research Center poll showed that over 3 million Muslim Turks support the death penalty for apostasy [PDF]. That's a lot blood-thirsty savages calling for your death considering that Turkey is the most advanced, most modern, most secular Muslim country in the world. Now that the Islamists are in control of Turkey, it's only going to get worse for infidels.

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