The Difference Between American and Muslim Culture

By Bernie on 21 Feb 2013

Here in Jalalabad and other cities in Afghanistian, there were demonstrations against the planned burning of a Qur'an. Some people died.
Here in Jalalabad and other cities in
Afghanistian, there were demonstrations
against the planned burning of a Qur'an.
Some people died.
Photo Credit: Die Welt

It is difficult for some people to accept the truth that there are bad people in the world and then there are psychotic lunatics that are beyond evil. For these morally bankrupt fools, no one is truly evil because everyone is evil. It must have been tough in history class to sit quietly to learn about Attila the Hun or Vlad the Impaler without yelling out, "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE WAY THE UNITED STATES TREATED SLAVES AND INDIANS?!?!"

Similarly, a visitor from the UK, David_greshaM, left this comment in response to my article The Crusades are History - Get Over it Ahmed:

"ignorant, violent, stupid, sick, bigoted, primitive, deluded, misogynistic, intolerant, hateful, backward savages."

Sorry, but I really can't tell. Are you talking about ignorant, violent, stupid, sick, bigoted, primitive, deluded, misogynistic, intolerant, hateful, backward savages being Muslims or ignorant, violent, stupid, sick, bigoted, primitive, deluded, misogynistic, intolerant, hateful, backward savages being Americans(well, actually not Americans, but the descendants of the white immigrants)

Before you get all frothy mouthed about the question, pause to consider how often America's actions and attitudes are simply those of a third world nation. Just one with a lot of money

It is true that long ago our Constitution counted blacks as 3/5ths of a person. But in time we changed that. American culture today finds slavery intolerable. As I wrote in The Difference Between Shariah and Civilized Laws, "If our Constitution were like the Shari'ah we could never change it nor add amendments. Slaves would still be slaves and women would not be allowed to vote."

So yes, long ago, we were a bigoted, intolerant nation.

It is true that long ago in America women could not vote and had to know their place. But in time we changed that. American culture today considers misogyny unacceptable. However, Honor Killing of wives, daughters, sisters, and other women folk is rampant throughout the Muslim world. As well, Female Genital Mutilation is practiced by all barbaric peoples but is rampant throughout the Muslim world.

Yes, one can find Americans who are ignorant, violent, stupid, sick, bigoted, primitive, deluded, misogynistic, intolerant, hateful, backward savages. But these types of individuals are not protected by our laws nor are their evil acts tolerated by our culture. When acid is thrown in the face of a woman in America, the perpetrator is hunted down and punished. The same act in Bangladesh or Pakistan is accepted since the woman probably deserved it. See my article 13 Beautiful Muslim Women.

Is it American or Muslim culture that is primitive, ignorant, stupid, backward? David Can't tell. Allow me to explain how one can tell the difference:

And remember now, there are 4 times as many Muslims as Americans.

Patents by Americans: millions.
Patents by Muslims: a handful.

See my article Mohammed invents a Toaster where it is noted that with "over a billion people, [Muslims] have fewer patents in their entire recorded history than did the citizens of Utah last year."

Nobel Prizes by Americans: 316 (not counting Peace Prize)
Nobel Prizes by Muslims: 4.

See my article Muslim Inventions - Nobel Prizes where it is noted that Muslims with over a billion adherents spread over more than 57 countries have fewer Nobel Laureates than the fingers on one hand.

Book Titles Published in America in one year (2010): 328,259.
Book Titles Published by all 57 Muslim countries in one year (2010): less than 225,000. [Source UNESCO]

That 225,000 might be impressive but for the fact that most of those new titles are translations of American books.

More than 95% of all scientific articles are written in English. Almost none in Arabic or any language of a Muslim majority country. If a Muslim country does publish something scientific in their own language, it is usually a fraud, done only to bolster their statistics to outsiders. In my article How Many Muslims have won Nobel Prizes, anyway? , I gave links to prove that "what passes for science in Iran, thousands of scientific publications by Iranians are simply cut-and-paste pieces of worthless nonsense."

Any person with a modicum of intelligence should be able to tell which culture is primitive, ignorant, stupid, and backward.

As for violent, bigoted, intolerant, and hateful: Islam is one of the fastest growing religious groups in the United States while Christianity is the fastest disappearing groups in all Muslim countries. See my article Who Should Fund the Ground Zero Mosque for links to each Muslim country's persecution of Christians. Which culture is more tolerant? Can you tell?

More mosques have been built in the United States in the past decade for a million or so Muslims than churches in the entire Muslim world for almost a hundred million remaining Christians in the same period.

Come on, David, you're not a complete idiot, I'm sure now you can tell which culture is violent, bigoted, intolerant, and hateful.

Your problem is that you haven't read enough of my articles; if you had you would have known that the opinion I expressed was not mine at all but that of the former President of Pakistan speaking of the Islamic faithful: "Today we are the poorest, the most illiterate, the most backward, the most unhealthy, the most un-enlightened, the most deprived, and the weakest of all the human race..."

I think Pervez Musharraf knows more about Muslim culture than you do, David, you poor deluded fool.

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