When To Cut Off a Relationship

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I was 15 in my freshman year at Bayonne High School (1960) when I first landed eyes on X, a pretty girl with a beautiful smile and, let's get it out in the open, with magnificent breasts. I found out that she was a senior but that didn't discourage me. As a young man back then, I didn't see myself as a short, immature, average-looking person; rather, I had a way with girls: great confidence bordering on arrogance, a superb sense of humor backed by an enormous repertoire of jokes, and despite the near-arrogance, excellent social skills.

After a few weeks of talking at school, we were in her car, making out. I immediately hit a double, that is, I made it to second base that night. For my foreign readers (over 40% of my visitors) who may not know:

  • First Base: French Kissing

  • Second Base: Feeling Up/Caressing

  • Third Base: Hand-job, Oral Sex, or Fingering Vagina

  • Home Run: Vaginal Sex

When I wasn't kissing her or touching her breasts, we were having fun talking and laughing. Months passed with kissing and caressing and soon she asked me to go with her to the prom. Wow, I was flattered - that would have been a great ego boost for me as a freshman to show up at the senior prom with a pretty girl, although I don't know if my ego could have gotten any bigger than it was back then.

But I didn't go to the prom with her - I stopped seeing her cold turkey. Just one day, I ignored her at the cafeteria and hung up on her when she called. At the time I didn't want to think about it and I pretended to myself that I didn't know why I no longer wanted to be with her. Over the years I regretted how I acted back then, cold-hearted bastard, but I think it's time for me to admit to myself that the reason is simple: I was just a rather shallow, selfish, lustful fellow.

The Relationship Never Advanced

In all that time we never advanced to third base; that is, I never got to her fun tunnel. I expected more out of our relationship. She was a senior for God's sake. I just thought that we would eventually have sex. And by eventually I mean like on the 4th or 6th or definitely on the 10th date. I must have hidden it from myself at the time, but now as I recall it - being with her was so frustrating that it hurt physically.

Because of that experience I became more impatient years later, in college and afterwards; if I didn't get to at least third base on the first date, I just wouldn't see the girl again. I have often written that I wasn't a nice person as a young man, so my dear reader, you do not have to castigate me, I already know.

And to my dear X, if you are reading this, please know it wasn't you - you were terrific, kissing you made me swoon, your breasts were a gift from the gods, I could fall into your eyes; your sense of humor and your kindness to a young man is more appreciated by me now than by that horrible, callow scoundrel. However, I sometimes wonder if I would have hurt you less, had I cut off the relationship after the first date.

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