Fuel Haulers Will Never Go On Strike

Muslim woman driver

Just more than a month ago I read that there was talk of a major trucker strike coming up (1). It seems that fuel tanker drivers want to strike, saying they want more money for the danger of driving around with thousands of gallons of highly explosive liquid.

I say let them go on strike, they are easy to replace, after all, there are thousands of Muslims out there who would kill for a job like that.



Examiner.com, Talk of trucker strike increase but chances improbable

For the Truck Driver Appreciation Week of 2013, some drivers are beginning to call for a uniting of truckers to shut down in order to, "Go on strike to send a message." The message to send entails the staggering repercussion that drivers see that the DOT regulations, low wages, and HOS and EOBR's rules are having on the American trucker; but the chances of a major nationwide trucker strike is next to zero.

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