Muslim Terrorist Jokes? Not Funny.

Rameez Abbas is a Muslim woman who looks "forward to a time when it is politically incorrect to make lighthearted terrorist comments about Muslims." Like many Muslims who have no idea what Islam is about she also believes that "Muslim Americans, like other Americans, support democracy, individual rights and the rule of law (1)."

If Ms. Abbas took the time to study Islam as she did to become successful in her career (she is coordinator of the MA program in Global Security Studies for the Johns Hopkins University), she would not be so misinformed about her religion. If Muslim Americans support democracy, individual rights and the rule of law, they are not being true to their faith. I answered this question in my article Can Muslims be Good Americans? No. No. No.

Islamic laws forbid Muslims from mingling with the non-Muslim citizens of a country, so forget about Muslims supporting democracy.

Individual rights? What part of submission to the will of God does this woman not understand? No Muslim country permits its Muslim citizens to change their religion or to speak about any religion other than Islam. The right to free speech and religion is the first and most important of our Bill of Rights. What individual rights is she talking about? Certainly not American individual rights.

As for the rule of law, Muslims are forbidden to obey any man-made laws if they conflict with the Shariah; see my article The Difference Between Shariah and Civilized Laws.

Ms. Abbas is delusional if she actually believes what she writes. In saying this about her, I am being kind; otherwise we would have to assume that she knows exactly how dangerous Islam really is and is being purposely deceitful.

But let's humor this woman anyway:

Q: What did one Muslim say to another in a supermarket?

A: Nothing very interesting, they are both completely ordinary members of our society, no different than any other American, and should not be judged based on their religion, ethnic background or skin color.

And then the building exploded.

I agree that not all Muslims are terrorists - but let's not treat them any differently, that would be unfair.

burqa post office boxesIn France, the police are now taking action against people caught in public wearing a burqa.

So far they've arrested four Muslim women and seven letterboxes.

I think I upset my new roommate today when I made a comment about how stupid the beard and handlebar mustache looks.

Apparently I'm not supposed to see her without her burqa on.

Have you noticed, if you take the word "Muslim" and you rearrange and add a couple of letters that you get: "Piss off you rag-headed, sanda-wearing, sand-infested camel-mechanic"? Spooky, eh?!

I just put a down payment on a new porsche after inheriting some money. I told everyone on facebook I couldn't wait for the new 911 to get here...

Next thing I know thousands of f*cking Muslims are trying to friend me.

I used to love pulling loose threads on people's sweaters.

I swiftly kicked this habit when I tried it on little Muhammed next door, and he exploded.

Muslim humor collected from the Internet and adapted for this article.



Baltimore Sun, 16 Apr 2012, Muslim terrorist jokes? Not funny.

After Sept. 11, President George W. Bush and countless politicians and commentators told us, "Islam is a religion of peace." One of the subtexts of this assertion was that "Muslims are just like us. Their religion, like ours, preaches peace." In other words, the narrative we developed to combat prejudice against Muslims asserted that Muslim-Americans were just like other Americans. And where it counts, this is true: Muslim Americans, like other Americans, support democracy, individual rights and the rule of law.


I look forward to a time when it is politically incorrect to make lighthearted terrorist comments about Muslims. There are appropriate times and places to joke about and explore our stereotypes and biases, perhaps. But a little self-censorship wouldn't hurt.

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