Muslim Bitch Imane Boudlal Sues Disney over Hijab

Boudlal v. Disney is a lawsuit against the Walt Disney Corporation for religious discrimination.
Photo Credit: ACLU

Last year I meant to update my 2010 article Disney Rightfully Bans Muslim Head Scarf where we discussed the arrogance of a Muslim Disney employee who, in defiance of Disney's dress code, wanted to wear her hijab in front of customers.

Then last year, on 12 Aug 2012, the American Civil Liberties Union sued the Walt Disney Company for discrimination on behalf of a Muslim former Disneyland employee:, 13 Aug 2012, Muslim Woman Sues Disney Over Right To Wear Hijab

The ACLU says that Imane Boudlal was fired in 2010 from her job at the theme park for wearing the hijab headscarf at work. The organization, with law firm Hadsell Stormer Richardson & Renick, filed the federal lawsuit today. In a 28-page complaint (read it here), the ACLU went after the Walt Disney Corporation on seven counts including discrimination and harassment in employment, and failure to remedy discrimination and harassment. The ACLU and Boudlal are asking for a jury trial as the plaintiff seeks applicable statutory, actual and punitive damages under each course of action as well as her legal fees.

As I wrote in Muslims Do Not Come To America to Accept Our Way of Life, Muslims don't care if wearing the hijab may be harmful to infidels as long as Muslims are accommodated. Now we see that in addition to not caring for our safety Muslims also don't care if they destroy our most revered cultural icons, as long as Muslims are accommodated. How long before Muslims start objecting to Minnie Mouse not wearing a veil?

If this gets to trial, the jury better not side with Boudlal. If it does, I will no longer be an advocate for non-violence against stupid juries. This could be the case that will finally allow Muslims to infest and transmogrify our way of life into theirs.

The ACLU will be the first thing Muslims will get rid of when they come to power. Who needs the ACLU when Shariah Law supercedes the Constitution?

As for Disney, I hope they learned their lesson: Do Not Hire Muslims. I certainly do not.

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