Muslims Do Not Come To America to Accept Our Way of Life

No immigrants coming to America have ever contributed anything worthwhile to our country. As I explained in my article Immigrants did not make this country great: all the great cultural, scientific, and artistic achievements in our country were due to people who gratefully became Americans, happily learned our language, willingly integrated into our culture and and gladly accepted our way of life. Immigrants who do not want to do all these things are here either to suck on our government teat or to destroy our way of life. Or in the case of the Boston marathon bombers, were here to do both (1).

If they're not collecting welfare or making bombs Muslims still make demands to make their culture trump ours. For example, a Muslim woman in Tulsa, Oklahoma wants a local bank to make Muslims exempt from their "no hats, no hoods" policy. According to the policy, anyone who doesn't want to remove their head covering must be escorted to and from the teller; even a cancer patient wearing a head scarf.

Now I think that's a wise and appropriate policy considering that bank robbers have been using burqas to both cover their faces and to hide weapons, see my article Philly Cop Killed: Time to Ban the Burqa. However, CAIR wants to make religious headgear exempt from the ban on hats and hoods (2). What's the point of that? If religious headgear is exempt, then a bank robber will simply use a burqa instead of a ski mask to rob the bank (3).

CAIR doesn't care about the safety of infidels or the bank, as long as Muslims get their way. Cancer patients have to be escorted to a teller, but Muslims feel that since Islam is supreme, exceptions must be made to accommodate them.

The Jews have a word, Chutzpah, to describe someone who has overstepped the boundaries of decent behavior. Chutzpah does not describe the egregious arrogance of Muslim demands. We need a new word, nay, we need a few words to say to Muslims when they make absurd demands to accommodate their sensitivities. Here's a phrase Ahmed: "Don't ask us to change our culture if it offends thee - just get the f*ck out!" Please.



NY Post, 24 Apr 2013, Dead bomber, family on welfare before Boston Marathon blast: report

He’s the ultimate ingrate.

US-hating terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev took government handouts even as he delved deep into the world of violent, radical Islam, officials said.

Tsarnaev, his wife Katherine Russell and their 3-year-old daughter were on the state dole as recently as 2012, officials with the state’s Office of Health and Human Services told the Boston Herald.

The dead Boston Marathon bomber and his family stopped receiving benefits because his hard-working wife, toiling for up 80 hours a week, brought home enough bread to make them ineligible for government assistance.

The home health-care aide supported her deadbeat husband, who stayed at home with the child.

(2):, Muslim Woman Challenges No Hat, No Hood Policy At Tulsa Bank

On October 9, 2012, a Muslim woman wearing a traditional religious veil was walking into the [Valley National] bank when an employee told her she couldn't enter with a head scarf on.

The woman left without going inside and contacted Oklahoma's Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).


CAIR sent a letter to the bank, asking for an explanation of its policies.

Bank President Brad Scrivner wrote back, apologizing if the woman felt unwelcome. Scrivner said the bank adopted the policy in 2006 after several robberies.

The policy is meant to allow security to clearly identify and take surveillance pictures of every customer. If someone doesn't want to remove their head covering, they must be escorted to and from the teller.


Scrivner says it's not religious discrimination, because the policy applies to everyone, even a cancer patient wearing a head scarf.


CAIR wants Valley National Bank to make religious headwear exempt from the ban on hats and hoods.


Telegraph, 8 Feb 2010, Burka-wearing gunmen raid French bank

Burka-wearing gunmen raid French bank

Employees let the pair through the security double doors of the banking branch of a post office, believing them to be Muslim women. But once inside, the men flipped back their head coverings and pulled out a gun, officials said.

They seized 4,500 euros (£4,000) in cash, according to staff at the branch in Athis Mons, just south of Paris, and made their getaway.

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