Porn and Unveiled Women Reduce Rape Attacks

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One of the most popular posts written by blogger Christine at her website Skeptical Mothering is an article discussing the appropriateness of sexy attire for preteen girls. Here is part of the discussion:

Bratz to Burqas – where’s the happy medium?

Remember when Abercrombie & Fitch marketed a push-up bikini to eight year olds?  Or more recently when K-Mart Australia allegedly sold thongs that say “I ♥ rich boys” under their girls’ brand?  A lot of moms and dads are concerned about attire available for girls that sends the message, “I’m sexually available.”

For me, a simple bikini falls close enough to that category that I’m uncomfortable with my 8yo wearing one.  I realize it’s in the gray area and I don’t blame parents who buy them for their kids, but to me, part of the purpose of a bikini is to look sexy.  I understand why bathing suits need to be like this, rather than this, for actual performance reasons, but what does the bare midriff achieve other than “hey, look at this bare midriff?”

Christine also linked to an article of mine (Muslim Cleric: Unveiled Women are like Juicy Steak) in which an Australian Imam blames women who do not dress modestly for inviting rape. I left the following comment:

Thanks for linking my article ( “this is clearly batshit”), it’s appreciated. Of course the Imam’s notion that the girl would not have attracted the attention of men if she were completely veiled is not only batshit, it is also bullshit, as I pointed out in my article The Myth that Veiling Protects Women from Assault, 75% of all the women in Egypt who reported being sexually harassed were veiled at the time.

Veiled or not veiled, covered up or not, certain men will attack women or children no matter what they wear. However, it seems that the most dangerous countries for women are those in which they are forced to dress modestly suggesting that perhaps keeping men from releasing their tensions through ogling is not a good thing.

It is interesting to note that rapes have declined significantly in these past few decades in the US precisely at the time when we have exposed our teens and preteens the most to leering eyes. Perhaps we can discuss this revealing trend.

Yes, it's true. Since 1993, during the period in which the Internet has made porn most available and companies like American Apparel put out the most outrageously sexy ads aimed at children and teens, during that period, sexual assaults have fallen by more than 60% (1).

As I noted in my comment above, countries that require their women to be modestly dressed have high rates of sexual assault. It makes sense to me. Rape has more to do with power and control than sexual release. Countries that treat their women like cattle are doing so for the same reason that men rape women.

As for porn, it allows men to fantasize about power and control without engaging in rape, just as violent video games have helped lower violent crimes rates in the past few decades.



Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, How often does sexual assault occur?

Sexual assault has fallen by more than 60% in recent years. Had the 1993 rate held steady, 6.8 million Americans would have been assaulted in the last 13 years.

But, thanks to the decline, the actual number of victims was about 4.2 million. In other words, if not for the historic gains we've made in the last decade, an additional 2,546,420 Americans would have become victims of sexual violence.

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