Shariah-Compliant Halloween Costumes For Muslims

In my article Can Muslims be Good Americans? No. No. No., we discussed how it is impossible for Muslims to be good Americans because Islam is fundamentally incompatible with our form of government, our laws, our culture, our arts, our beliefs, our customs, our values, our goals, or our social practices. In fact, it may safely be said that Islam is incompatible with any aspect of western civilization. The only way Muslims can assimilate and accept our way of life is for them to stop being Muslims.

Take for example the Islamic prohibition against celebrating any infidel holidays: , Halloween: An Impermissible Celebration in Islam

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) issued a stern warning: “Whoever imitates a nation is one of them!” (Abu Da’oud). Muslims should heed this warning and refrain from copying or imitating the kufar [filthy infidel] in their celebrations. Islam has strongly forbidden Muslims to follow the religious or social customs of the non-Muslims...

Please note that it is not just religious holidays that are forbidden to be celebrated but social customs as well. By the way, most Americans consider Halloween a social custom - only a small segment of our society such as devil worshipers and real witches consider Halloween a religious Holiday.

But there may be a handful of Muslims out there who genuinely want to take part in our way of life and eventually renounce Islam. For those Muslims who are on the cusp, who are almost ready to become real Americans and slowly turn away from Islam, I offer the following Shariah-Compliant Halloween Costumes which will allow them to enjoy Halloween and still appear as devout Muslims to their neighbors until they are ready to make a complete break:

Shariah-Compliant Halloween Costumes For Muslims.
Photo Credit: Colorado Right

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