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This will not be a post about anything important or consequential and unless you might find it interesting to know where I went to school, you should forget about reading any further. One frequently asked question that I come across in my comment section concerns my educational background. To answer this query I have compiled the following list along with links to related articles of mine:

  • 1950 Kindergarten - New York School System - I describe my first and last fight here.
  • 1951 1st Grade - New York School System
  • 1952 1st Grade (repeated) - Vroom School Bayonne - Why I was left back is covered here.
  • 1953 2nd Grade - Vroom School Bayonne
  • 1954 3rd Grade - Vroom School Bayonne
  • 1955 4th Grade - Mount Carmel Catholic School - kicked out for heresy, then finished 4th Grade at Vroom School. Details on getting kicked out can be read here.
  • 1956 5th Grade - Vroom School Bayonne
  • 1957 6th Grade - Roosevelt School Bayonne
  • 1958 7th Grade - Roosevelt School but with two different teachers. Details on why I got kicked out of one class here.
  • 1959 8th Grade - Vroom School Bayonne
  • 1960 Freshman Year - Bayonne High School - my first high school girlfriend is described here.
  • 1961 Sophomore Year - Bayonne High School
  • 1962 Junior Year (kicked out) - Bayonne High School
  • 1963 Junior Year (repeated) at Bayonne Night High School
  • 1964 Senior Year - Bayonne Night High School
  • 1965-67 Hebrew University - Jerusalem, Israel - find quite a number of articles here.
  • 1967 Summer - Sorbonne - Paris, France - Details can be read here, here, and here.
  • 1967-69 Wagner College - Staten Island, New York - More details can be found here and here.
  • 1970 Editor Wagnerian - School Paper - details here, here, and here.

I have appended this article to my FAQ.

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