Why Space Creatures Cannot Be Muslim

muslims from outer space
"Muslims From Outer Space" - The Movie
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In my article Why There are no Muslims In Space, I repeated a favorite joke of mine that the reason Star Trek has Russians, Scots, and Japanese among its crew but no Muslims is that Star Trek takes place in the future.

If you are Muslim and don't get it, the implication is that in the future people are so intelligent then that no one would be stupid enough to be a Muslim.

If a joke offends the targeted group you can be sure it's because the joke contains a germ of truth. If the joke is completely divorced from reality, then there is no reason to be insulted. For example, consider the following attempt at humor:

Q: Did you hear about the Jew who won a Nobel Prize in Medicine?
A: Neither have I.

It's not funny because most people know that Jews excel in the sciences, especially Nobel Prizes. And those very familiar with Nobel Prizes, know that Jews have garnered more laureates in Medicine (56 to be precise) than in any other category of Nobel awards.

On the other hand:

Q: Did you hear about the Muslim who won a Nobel Prize in Medicine?
A: Neither have I.

Now that's funny because most people know that Muslims rarely excel in anything with the exception of terror attacks and whining about Jews. And those very familiar with Nobel Prizes, know that Muslims have never won a single Nobel in Medicine.

It's not my opinion that civilizations capable of making a spaceship will be hyper-intelligent, Jill Tarter, the co-founder of the Seti Institute, as well as Dr Seth Shostak, the director of Seti, both believe "that any aliens capable of interstellar travel would be at least several centuries more advanced than us."

Some of my readers may object: But Bernie, these Seti people say nothing about the religion of the aliens. What about your assertion that space creatures cannot be Muslim?

If you read the article linked above, you will read that Tarter believes any aliens that find us will come in peace. Think what that means: a race of people who come in peace cannot possibly be Muslims.

So if you ever see a film advertised as "Muslims from Outer Space," don't be afraid - it's just a movie, there are no such things as Muslims from Outer Space. What you should be afraid of: "Muslims from your neighborhood" - the non-movie.

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