How Infidel Men Can Converse with Muslim Women

3 Muslim women in full robes
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I was out for a walk when I came across 3 Muslim women in full robes. I thought to myself I should make an effort and try to talk to them to understand their culture and welcome them to mine. I tried talking to them for about ten minutes, without a single response, not a sound. Then I realized I was talking to 3 outdoor umbrellas.

Silly me. The truth is that any Muslim woman either so devout or so enslaved that she is forced to venture into the outside world dressed as an amorphous tent will certainly not break Islam's injunction against having any conversation between her and an unrelated Muslim man - and more so if the man is not even a Muslim.

Here follows an answer regarding the matter from a Muslim question-and-answer site:

Ask a Question to Us, Boy- Girl Relationships in Islam

Q: In islam can muslim men and women be friends if their intentions are pure,just friends not boyfriend or girlfriend?

A: we are told that before marriage there is to be virtually no contact at all between males and females. In today’s world, while still a minority, an increasing number of young Muslims are having relationships with members of the opposite sex that are clearly outside the limits set by Islam.

Sad to see how Islam oppresses women - and that's no joke.

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