Scott Peterson and the Case of the Woman Mauled to Death by Her Own Dogs

Glen Allen woman mauled to death by her dogs while out for a walk
Bethany Lynn Stephens
Photo Credit: WTKR-TV

Many of my regular readers know that I have warned them about the dangers of keeping dogs as pets in their home. In more than two dozen articles I have pointed out that there are almost 5 million dog bites each year and thousands of incidents where some poor child's face gets mauled and disfigured.

And I always stress in my reports that it is almost always done by the trusted, faithful, loyal, devoted, protective family pet.

So it was no surprise in the least when I read the following story yesterday:

CBS News, Woman mauled to death by her dogs while on a walk, police say

GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Va. -- Police say a 22-year-old woman found dead in Virginia was mauled to death by her dogs, CBS affiliate WTKR-TV reports... The two dogs each weigh more than 100 pounds, WTKR-TV reports. Police described them as pit bulls...

"It appeared the attack was a violent attack initiated by the victims' dogs while the victim was out for a walk with the dogs," Agnew said of the medical examiner's initial report. "The victim had defensive wounds on her hands and arms trying to keep the dogs away from her, which would be consistent with being attacked while she was still alive."

The first traumatic injuries she suffered were to her throat and face, Agnew said. "It appears she was taken to the ground, lost consciousness, and the dogs then mauled her to death," he added.

If you think your loving pet, that animal that you always think of as a family member, would never, ever harm you, remember that seemingly loving family members such as loving husband Scott Peterson killed his wife and yet-unborn son Conner at Christmas time 15 years ago.

If humans can suddenly turn into violent, vicious beasts then how can you trust animals who by their very nature are violent, vicious beasts?

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