How Smart is a Chihuahua Compared to Me?

stoopid chihuahuaA Chihuahua's brain weighs about 5 grams and generally is no larger than a walnut.
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Are Chihuahuas Smart Dogs or Plain Stupid

vicious ChihuahuaThe tendency to be temperamental, a reputation for being suspicious of everyone but his owner, and a clannish dislike of any breed but his own makes the Chihuahua an unsuitable pet for households with small or boisterous children.
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Palestinian Inventions

palestinian alarm clockMy younger son and his wife can sleep through an earthquake or a firetruck whirling through their bedroom. Even an old-fashioned mechanical alarm clock with huge metal bells can't rouse them from their dual comas. They live in the apartment next to ours (it's all one big house with my two boys, my two daughters-in-law, my two granddaughters, my wife and me) and so we can hear the alarms going off for ten full minutes without a stir from them.
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Scuba Diving Chihuahua

Scuba Diving ChihuahuaChihuahuas are perhaps the dumbest dogs on this planet and the noisiest. I've had at least 6 of them in the past 32 years.
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13 Famous Dogs

Thursday 13 dogsNow that Trouble, Leona Helmsley's pooch, has entered the world history books as a rich and famous dog, I was thinking this would be an appropriate time to list 12 other famous dogs of the modern era.
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Things Thirteen 07/27/06

cocteauHere are Thirteen Photos for this Thursday and some captions I thought appropriate.

I am often asked how I manage to run a business in New York, another in New Jersey, write a blog, work out, hit the speed bag, walk a few miles every day and still have time to hug and kiss my wife. Does this answer your question?
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National Disgrace - Dog Attacks

toaster explodingSuppose every day there were 14,000 toasters blowing up and injuring their owners! You know we would have Congress up in arms promising legislation to fix the problem.
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