Reese`s Peanut Butter Cups Christmas Tree Fail

2015 Reese's peanut butter blob tree The Hershey Company made two mistakes this year:
  1. Reduced the size of the Tree by 50%
  2. Made it shaped like a turd, which also drew attention to mistake number 1.

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No Two Quarter Pounder Beef Patties Weigh Exactly Alike

quarter pounder with cheeseIn a world filled with shrinking toilet paper it would be appreciated if some businesses would just once give us something more valuable without charging us more money. And it may appear that McDonald's did that with its new Quarter Pounder.
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The Shrinking Tea-bag

PG TIPS, Britain’s favourite tea brandLess tea, same price. Hiding inflation in mini-reductions.
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What is Agflation and What Causes It?

A corn plant struggles to survive on a drought-stricken farm near Shawneetown, Illinois (July 16, 2012).Joseph, son of Jacob, advised Pharaoh to store surplus grain during years of abundance against the day when there would be famine because of drought and so, despite bad weather, there was enough supply.
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14 Ounces is the New Pound

This restaurant in Turkey serves meals cooked with ingredients donated to the poor every afternoon. Some 1,500 people come to eat everyda border=The fact that fewer people are eating in your home will be a call to action by the Obama administration to institute Obamafare - a government program to offer affordable food to the millions made hungry by the downsizing of product weights and sizes.
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Never Buy Tuna Cans with Oil

line caught solid Albacore Tuna FilletsAdding oil to tuna is counterproductive, sort of like adding Muslims to a free society.
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There is More Tuna in the 3 Ounce Can than in the 5 Ounce Can Than in the 12 Ounce Can

tuna 12 oz can
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I Have Been Forced To Sell Some Stuff To Raise Cash

clothes washer front viewMoney is so tight I am forced to get rid of my clothes washer.
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Habit - Why We Pay More for Less

ice cube bagged - vending machineBack in the 1970s I operated a vending machine company with hundreds of vending machines.
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Coming Back From Florida I lose Two Ounces

these two jars of peanut butter are the same size but contain different ounces of productThis exact same-sized jar of peanut-butter now contains almost 10% less product.
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