Translating Muslim Speak - The Meaning of the Word Peace

Islam means peace is a lieSalam and Islam may come from the same root - however salam means peace but Islam means submission and certainly not peace.
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Most Americans Do Not Know Diddly Squat About Islam

women and men are NOT equal in IslamThen she says: "Women and men are equal in Islam."
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Muslims Go To the Moon - Not

quran on the moonThe closest Muslims will ever get to putting anything on the lunar landscape is if they Photoshop Quranic text on an image of the moon.
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Is Islam Spread by the Word or by the Sword?

malay law forbids one to leave IslamI could not write anything funnier than to repeat the lie that Spain was conquered by force of truth, reason and logic.
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The Turbo-encabulator Explains The Myth that Islam is a Religion

An actual description of a turboencabulatorWhile they are quite commonplace now, we often forget that turbo-encabulators were once a specialty item. A representative example of a turbo-encabulator from the 1960s can be seen in this General Electric data sheet.
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Islam Has Contributed Less To Human Advancement Than A Pack Of Donkeys

Urban Transport in Egypt: Arab Women on a Donkey Cart (1905-1906)Despite the so-called Golden Age of Islam, in its entire history, Islamic civilization has invented and contributed less to human advancement than a pack of donkeys.
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The Monuments Men were Wasting Their Time

Madonna of BrugesAll these efforts to save the world's most important paintings, sculpture, and literature are for naught - when Muslims take over the countries which house these great works, they will eventually be destroyed.
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What is the Time Difference between Jerusalem, Israel and Mecca, Saudi Arabia?

How to get from Jerusalem, Israel to Mecca, Saudi Arabia by carJust because something is on the Internet does not mean it has any correspondence with reality. Take for example these driving directions from Jerusalem, Israel to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
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Muslim Myth: Israeli Checkpoints Prevent Palestinians From Receiving Medical Attention.

Gold BuddhaA few years back at Bally's Atlantic City Hotel and Casino I found a gold Buddha in a teak case at the side of my bed left by the previous hotel guest and returned it expecting no gratitude or reward.
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Did Jaques Cousteau convert to Islam?

Exploring the coral reefs of the Red Sea... as the pioneer of systematic underwater exploration, inventor of the Aqua-Lung and the leading exponent of preserving the sea's ecology, Jacques Cousteau was a global media hero... In the Muslim world, the rumor still endures that he converted to Islam before he died, although his family has respectfully denied it often.
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