The Difference Between Sayonara and Cyanide

devastated landscape of the Chinese port city of TianjinWasteland: A view of the devastated landscape of the Chinese port city of Tianjin, where huge, fiery blasts at a warehouse for hazardous materials killed at least 50 people, raising questions about what potentially lethal chemicals may have been released into the air
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Why Islam Cannot Create Classical Music

muslim type ankletI have no doubt that the Qu`ran forbids a woman's bosoms from shaking to the tune of Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik.
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Speed Dating for Colleges

choosing the right majorWe should have mock speed colleges where a student is exposed to various college courses much in the same way that speed-dating helps one find a mate through multiple quick dates.
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Learning German is Easier if You Already Speak English

grimm's lawThere's an easy way to learn German if you know these interesting correspondences between German and English.
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I Buy the Cheapest Seltzer

developed by the agency FFL Paris launching the new signature ‘Creator of flavours since 1783’I don't get it. Seltzer has only two ingredients: water and carbon dioxide, so why would anyone buy a bottle of branded seltzer water that costs more than twice as much as the store brand?
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Only Arabs Can Truly Be Muslims

reading the Qur'anInvariably, whenever we criticize the Qur'an some Muslim visitor to our website invokes the double-excuse: "You cannot criticize the Qur'an if you do not understand the Qur'an and you cannot understand the Qur'an unless you speak Arabic."
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What Makes Jews So Successful?

merchant of veniceOne could argue that because the Jews were dispersed throughout the world, they came in contact with many cultures and were thus able to take the best ideas of each nation and use them to their advantage.
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Hispanics Can Be Republicans

more_picsBlogger David Zincavage has the right advice for Republicans: that they could count on more Hispanic votes if only they would stop with the ridiculous anti-immigration rhetoric.
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Bollywood Fashion and Music Awards

Thailand gems and jewelery traders association celebrated Thai night with Manish Malhotra showcasing his latest bridal wear collection at Intercontinental Hotel.Farmers will tell you that music can make hens lay better eggs or cows to give more milk; It's called The Moozart Effect and I'm not Joking.
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I Never sued my parents - Roy Pearson Case

marineland floridaIin today's not so innocent times, if a mother leaves her children in the car for two minutes while she's shopping, she is liable to lose her kids to foster care and get sued for child neglect.
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