Despite Wearing Only Body Paint Lindsey Vonn is Still an Idiot

Lindsey Vonn doing pull-ups wearing only body paint border=To any sane, intelligent person, an invitation to the White House is a great, once in a life-time honor. Liberal idiots - how stupid can one be?
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Pocahontas is Not A Racist Slur and Elizabeth Warren is an Idiot

How to Unscrew a Screw Without a ScrewdriverThe word "Pocahontas" when used against a non-native American is in fact an Honorific-denied. It is the same as saying, "You madam, are no Pocahontas." It is holding Pocahontas in the highest esteem and with utmost respect. In the same regard, calling someone an Einstein when they are obviously an idiot, is not an antisemitic slur, it is simply saying that that person is no Einstein. No bigoted slur intended.
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Mark Zuckerberg Is The Biggest Liberal Idiot Alive

Mark Zuckerberg Is The Biggest Liberal Idiot AliveZuckerberg has the right to filter the news however he likes. But it would have been nice if someone with that much power treated all his users equally fairly.
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Otto Warmbier is an Idiot That Deserves 15 Years in North Korea Prison

 risk being kidnapped for ransom or held captive by terroristsSee the woman mounted on that disgusting, filthy, smelly animal in the photo? In Muslim countries it is more likely that a disgusting, filthy, smelly animal will be mounting her if she's not careful.
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Megyn Kelly is an Idiot and a Race-baiter

megyn kelly - fox news anchor and idiot and racebaiterI know what happened to Trump at that CNN interview. It's happened to me many times, it's happened to my wife, and I have no doubt it has even happened to Megyn Kelly.
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The Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is an Idiot on iPhone Controversy

say no to cracking iphoneSay No to FBI's request for cracking Apple's iPhone.
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No Daily News - You are the Idiot

ny daily news mocks TrumpThe U.S. government should pay for a month long vacation in Cuba for every American who reaches voting age. After one month, if they have any intelligence at all, they will never vote for a socialist program or even be liberals ever again.
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Proud to Be a Muslim and a Rapist and Murderer

Hillary and Huma February 1, 2008Proud to be a Muslim? Might as well be proud to be a rapist and a murderer.
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South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is an Idiot

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is an IdiotSo I ask you dear Nikki, you imbecile, if you can't say anything bad about Obama (unless he actually does something positive for our country) or good about Donald Trump then please shut your mouth.
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Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is an Idiot

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is an IdiotOnly an idiot would say "... in no way, shape or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you have seen on that screen."
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