Electronic Highway Robbery: An Artist's Guide to Copyrights in the Digital Era (Paperback)
Electronic Highway Robbery
Photo Credit: Amazon

Copyright laws regarding the Internet are still being determined by the courts. I ask permission before posting anything I did not create, or that is not in the public domain. I do not, however, ask permission for excerpts from other sources (to which I provide links) and which I make available on a non-profit basis for educational and discussion purposes only. This applies to photos as well in which I use a reduced size, link to the original image, and credit the author. In my opinion this constitute 'fair use' of such copyrighted material.

If you are a copyright owner and you believe that material not specifically authorized by you on my site is not in 'fair use' or is not properly credited, it is undoubtedly an oversight on my part which I will happily correct. See How to Notify me of Possible Infringement.

If you are a Flickr member and have marked your images with a "Blog This" button which gives everyone permission to blog your photo and you did not want any of your photos to appear in any blog, please remove the "Blog This" button from your account (see instructions and more Flickr details below) and contact me. As soon as the button is removed I will remove your photo.

I ask that my readers exercise similar respect for the intellectual property rights of others and credit Planck’s Constant or the original source for any material taken from my site that you use in either a printed or electronic form.

Generally, unless an entry specifically lists a source at the bottom of the page the copyright belongs to Planck's Constant. I ask that any material that is reprinted carry the following tagline with a link back to Planck's Constant:

Copyright Planck’s Constant, Reprinted with permission.

Any copying, redistribution or re-publication of any content on Planck's Constant for commercial gain is strictly prohibited without written permission; however, non-commercial use of anything on my website is hereby granted provided you supply attribution and link back to the source of the article. No request in writing is required but a ping would be appreciated.

For more detail on republishing my material please see my license terms.

If you simply wish to link to my site, no permission is required and I encourage everyone with non-commercial links to do so. I will usually reciprocate and add links of a pertinent nature with the caveat that I only include sites that I determine are useful or interesting or on-topic.

As for photos, where I have been able to determine the source, the photo credit can usually be gotten by mousing over the photo or clicking on the Photo Credit link, see the Amazon sample above. In most cases, clicking on a photo will usually render a larger image from my servers. I host all photos that you see directly on my servers so as not to steal bandwidth from the sources of those photos. If you see a photo that is not properly credited please let me know.

Readers should also be aware that I am often given permission to use someone else’s material, but this does not mean it may reprinted elsewhere without their permission; therefore, you are urged to request permission from the original sources of any material you plan to use.

Wofford College has some instructive advice for students regarding plagiarism and the Internet

For Students

Purdue University's OWL has an excellent description of plagiarism, including the tensions between the need for original work and the requirement to provide background based work by other scholars. Includes a distinction between inadvertent plagiarism and intentional plagiarism, providing suggestions for ways to avoid both.

Writing Tutorial Services at Indiana University Bloomington includes examples of appropriate and inappropriate paraphrasing of material, how to integrate quotations within a paraphrased section, and how to cite material in the text using MLA format. Preventing Plagiarism provides to links on the Internet categorized by subject or audience. Includes links to software and websites that ferret out plagiarized papers.

Another resource: A Plagiarism Guide for Students.

For Faculty Members

Guide to Plagiarism and Cyber-Plagiarism is an excellent site hosted by the library at the University of Alberta. Includes 2 sections. One is for faculty members about recognizing and teaching about plagiarism. The second is for students, describing the meaning and abuses of plagiarism. Includes a description of how and why students plagiarize and how to combat the different types.

Plagiarism and the Web is an article about the inappropriate use of electronic resources and the Internet by students. Provides guidelines for recognizing plagiarized sections of papers and ways to structure assignments that encourage academic honesty. Includes links to other articles about plagiarism and academic integrity.

A BRIEF CITATION GUIDE FOR INTERNET SOURCES IN HISTORY AND THE HUMANITIES is also useful as a citation guide in other disciplines.

For Flickr members:

Flickr Explore June 2008
Explore June 2008
Photo Credit: Flickr

Flickr FAQ, I'd rather people didn't blog my photos. How can I prevent that?

Go to Your Account and specify who sees the "Blog This" button on your photos. Removing this button makes it more difficult for people to blog your photos, but remember that anyone can copy and blog a public photo. If you'd rather this didn't happen, change your settings to make your photos private.

Dear Flickr member, not to worry, despite the fact that anyone can copy and blog a public photo, if you do not have a "Blog This" button on your account I will never use your photo without specific written permission.

If by chance you did not realize that the "Blog This" button gave me permission to blog your photo, and you did not wish anyone to blog your photos, you can remove the button by following the instructions above, then contact me [ bernieplanck@gmail.com ] and I will remove your photo as quickly as possible.

[FYI, If you re-install the "Blog This" button I will re-install your photo]

If, on the other hand, you want other people to blog your photos but you just do not want me in particular to have the photo on my site because you disagree with my views then I respectfully decline to remove your photo(s). Either no one can display your photos or everyone can. I will not permit you to exclude just me.

Revised 22 Nov 2010

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