The following page which used to be is no longer available. I have kept a copy for historical purposes.

I have updated the list with new entries of my own found on the Internet or from my readers' contributions via email. Please feel free to suggest additions.

I have found articles on the web that mistakenly list words, such as bum fiddle, which refer not to the vagina, but to the anus. I have included such terms below in the interest of accuracy.

The Cunning Linguist Presents:

More Words for Pussy than You'll Ever Need

Here you will find more than 1,500 words and synonyms for vagina, vulva, clitoris, pubes, taint, anus and other aspects of the lady bits.

Each entry is listed with its approximate definition—taboo terms are sometimes hard to define precisely—as well as date of first use (if available), and each entry has been verified by multiple sources.

ABC19th Cvagina; i.e. 'the beginning'
Abraham's bosom19th Cvagina
abyss, the vagina
ace of spades20th C US Blackfemale pubic hair and genitals
ace19th Cpubic hair/vagina
Adam's own altar19th Cvagina
affair/affairsmid19th Cgenitals
afro clam female genitals
agility19th Cgenitals
agreeable ruts of life18th Cgenitals
alcove19th Cvaginal slit
alley19th Cvagina
almanack/almanach19th Cfemale genitals
almeja vagina (Spanish)
alpha and omega19th Cgenitals
Altar of Hymen19th Cgenitals
altar of love19th Cgenitals
altar of pleasure19th Cgenitals
amulet19th Cfemale genitals
antipodes/The Antipodes19th Cgenitals; i.e. 'down under'
aphrodisiacal tennis court17th Cvagina; literary
apple1970s US Blackvagina
apple pie1970s US Blackvagina
arbor19th Cvaginal slit
area19th Cpubic hair
arse19th Cvagina, equated with the buttocks
artichoke vagina and vulva
axe wound/axe gash1990svaginal slit
axis19th Cfemale genitals
baby cave vagina
baby chute1990svagina
baby in the boat1930sclitoris
bacon hole20th Cvagina
bacon sandwich20th Cvagina and labia
bacon strip/bacon strips labia
badger1990s USfemale genitals and pubic hair
badly wrapped kebabUSvulva
bag of tricks19th Cvagina
baglate 19th Cvagina; the womb or a place for the penis
bajingo genitals
bald man in a boat20th Cclitoris
baloney sandwich female genitals
bang hole vagina
bank/the bank19th Cvagina
banner19th Cfemale pubic hair
bargain bucket1990sfemale genitals
barge1950s USvagina
bat cave vagina
bath of birth19th Cvagina
bazaar19th Cgenitals
bazoo genitals
bean1940s UShymen
bear trap vagina
beard18th Cfemale pubic hair
bearded clam1960sfemale genitals/vulva
bearded lady1960svagina and pubic hair
bearded oyster1910svagina
bearded taco1950s USvagina
bearskin19th Cfemale pubic hair
bear-trapper's hat1960svagina and pubic hair
beauty spot19th Cgenitals/clitoris
beauty19th Cfemale genitals
Beaver Cleaver/the Beave vagina
beaver1920s USvagina and vulva, viewed sexually
bed fellow19th Cvagina
beef curtains/beef flaps1990s USvagina and labia
beef garage vagina, as a place for the penis
beef jacket vagina, as a place for the penis
beef18th Cvagina
beefgina vagina
beehive19th Cvagina
belle-chose14th Cvagina; literary euphemism from French 'beautiful thing'
belly bristles19th Cpubic hair
belly dale19th Cvagina
belly dingle19th Cvagina
belly entrance19th Cvagina
belly whiskers19th Cpubic hair
below stairs genitalia
Berkeley hunt1930svagina
Berkshire hunt1930svagina
Bermuda triangle pubic hair and genitals; alternatively, the G-spot, from the idea that it doesn't really exist
best in Christendomlate 17th Cvagina
between the legs genitals, or in the vicinity thereof
big V vagina
bikini burger1990sfemale pubic hair
bird1960s USvagina
bird's nest20th Cvagina, or a woman's pubic hair
birth cannon vagina
bit of fishmid19th Cvagina
bit of jamlate 19th Cvagina
bit of meatearly 18th Cvagina
bit of mutton19th Cfemale genitals
bit of rough19th Cfemale genitals
bit of skatelate 19th Cvagina
bit on a forkmid19th Cvagina
bitch butter1970s US Blackvaginal wetness from arousal
bite16th Cvagina
bizzle genitals
black ace17th Cfemale pubic hair and genitals
black Bess19th Cfemale pubic hair
black cat with its throat cut1950sfemale pubic hair and genitals
black hole19th Cvagina
black jock18th Cpubic hair
black joke vagina
black ring19th Cvagina
blind alley19th Cvagina
blind eye18th Cvagina
Bluebeard's closet19th Cvagina
blue waffle infected female genitals
boat1950s US Blackgenitals
bob and hit19th Cvagina; from rhyming slang 'pit'
bone yard vagina
bone17th Cvagina; literally 'the grinder'
bonne-bouche19th Cvagina; from French 'pleasant taste'
bonnet1990sfemale genitals
boodle1980s USfemale genitals
boody female genitals
book-binder's wife19th Cfemale genitals; i.e. she 'manufactures in sheets'
booty1920s US Blackvagina/female genitals; literally 'body'
bore18th Cvagina
boskage of Venus19th Cfemale genitals
botany bay19th Cgenitals; i.e. 'down under'
bottomless pit18th Cvagina
bower of bliss17th Cvagina
box1940s USvagina, viewed sexually, as a place for the penis
boy in the boat19th Cclitoris
brat-getting place19th Cvagina
breach19th Cvaginal slit
bread1950s US Blackgenitals
bread-box vagina
breadwinner19th Cvagina
breakfast of champions1990slabia
broccoli1980sfemale pubic hair
broom19th Cpubic hair/genitals
brown madam18th Cfemale pubic hair/genitals
brush1930sfemale pubic hair
bucket seat vagina, as a place for the penis
bucket1990svagina, esp. a large or loose vagina
Buckinger's boot18th Cgenitals; worn on 'the third leg'
budget19th Cgenitals
bug1980s USvulva
bull's eye17th Cvagina
bum bacon1990slabia
bum fiddle1990sQuasi-humorous term for the anus.
bumbo18th Cvagina; literally 'alligator'
bumshop19th Cfemale genitals or buttocks
bun17th Cfemale genitals/pubic hair
bung1960s USvagina
bunghole1960s USvagina or anus
bunny18th Cgenitals
busby19th Cfemale pubic hair
bush1920sfemale pubic hair
bushy park19th Cfemale pubic hair
business vulva
butcher's shop19th Cfemale genitals
butcher's window19th Cvulva
butter1980s US Blackvagina or vaginal secretions
butter-boat19th Cvagina
button19th Cclitoris
button-hole19th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
cabbage field19th Cgenitals
cabbage garden19th Cgenitals
cabbage patch19th Cgenitals
cabbage19th Cgenitals
cakes1960s US Blackfemale genitals
caldron19th Cvagina
camel's foot/camel toe vulva, or its appearance through clothing
canasta female genitals
candy20th Ca sweet vagina
canister20th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
canyon1970svaginal slit
Cape Horn19th Cgenitals
Cape of Good Hope19th Cgenitals
carnal trap16th Cvagina
carpet1980s USfemale pubic hair
case17th Cgenitals
cat19th C, 1950spubic hair/genitals/vagina; much like 'pussy'
cat's head cut open19th Clabia
catch-em-alive-o19th Cfemale genitals
catcher's mitt vagina
catfish female genitals
Catherine wheel20th Cfemale genitals
cat's meat female genitals
catty-cat1970s US Blackfemale genitals/vagina
cauliflower18th Cgenitals
cave of harmony19th Cvagina
cave vagina
cellar door19th Cvagina
cellar19th Cvagina
cellarage19th Cvagina
center of attraction genitals
center of bliss18th Cvagina
central cut19th Cgenitals
central furrow19th Cgenitals
central office19th Cgenitals
centrique part/centric part17th Cvagina
certificate of birth19th Cfemale genitals
cha cha/chach vagina
Charley Hunt/Charlie Hunt Vagina; rhyming slang of 'cunt'
Charley/Charlie Vagina; from 'Charley Hunt'
chasm19th Cvaginal slit
chat18th Cfemale genitals; from French 'cat'
cherry pie19th Cvagina
cherry pop female genitals, or loss of virginity
cherry1930s UShymen
Chia pet female genitals/pubic hair
chicken wings19th Clabia
chimney vagina
chin rest1990sfemale genitals/pudendum; i.e. during cunnilingus
chinchilla20th C USfemale genitals/pubic hair
chink18th Cgenitals
chocha/cho-cho genitals
chonch vagina
choot vagina (Hindi)
chopped liver20th Cfemale genitals
chuff box20th Cvagina
chuff1940s Australia/UKvagina
chum19th Cgenitals
churn vagina
circle19th Cvagina
civet18th Cgenitals
claff vagina
clam20th C USfemale genitals/vagina
clambake1990s USfemale genitals/vagina
clamjam1990svaginal secretions
claptrap20th Cvagina
cleft of flesh19th Cvaginal slit
cleft19th Cvaginal slit
clodge vagina
cloth19th Cpubic hair
cloven spot18th Cvaginal slit
clown hole20th Cvagina - from "Son of Stan", American Dad (TV), Season 6 Episode 2 (2010)
clungeUK slangvagina
Cock Alley18th Cvagina
cock cave vagina, as a place for the penis
cock cozy vagina, as a place for the penis
Cock Hall18th Cvagina
cock holster vagina, as a place for the penis
Cock Inn19th Cvagina
Cock Lane19th Cvagina; from Cock Lane in London, where prostitutes were licensed
cock pocket vagina, as a place for the penis
cock socket vagina, as a place for the penis
cock squeezer vagina, as a place for the penis
cock tub vagina, as a place for the penis
cock warmer vagina, as a place for the penis
cock20th C US Black/US Southvagina
cock-chafer19th Cvagina
cock-holder19th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
cock-locker1980svagina as a place for the penis
cock-loft19th Cfemale genitals
cockpit19th Cvagina, viewed sexually, as a place for the penis
Cockshire19th Cvagina
cockshy19th Cvagina
cockwash vagina, as a place for the penis
cod canal1990svagina
cod trench1990svagina
coffee house vagina
coffee shop19th Cvagina
cogie19th Cvagina, from Scottish 'milk pail'
columns of Venus18th Clabia
come1940svaginal secretions near or during orgasm
commodity19th Cfemale genitals
concern genitals
conch shell female genitals
concha vagina (Latin American Spanish)
confessional19th Cfemale genitals
cono1940s USvagina
contrapunctum vagina
conundrum genitals
cony17th Cgenitals; literally 'rabbit'
coo/cooch/cootch20th C USvagina
coochie pop female genitals
coochie/coochy vagina/vulva
coochie-snorcher vagina; featured in the Vagina Monologues
cookie/cookies female genitals
coosie female genitals
coot1980s USvulva
cooter/cuder1980s US campusvagina
cooze/cooz/coozie/cozy/coozey/coosie1920s USvagina
copper crack1990sfemale pubic hair, esp. ginger-colored
copyhold17th Cfemale genitals
corner cupboard19th Cvagina, with 'corner' meaning the fork of the legs
corner genitals
cornucopia19th Cvagina
cotton and wool19th Cfemale pubic hair
cotton1970s US Blackfemale pubic hair
county down19th Cfemale pubic hair
coupler18th Cvagina
covered way19th Cvagina
coynte19th Cvagina
coyote19th C USgenitals
crack of Heaven labia and vaginal slit
crack16th Clabia and vaginal slit
cradle19th Cvagina
cranny19th Cvaginal slit
crawl space vagina
cream jug19th Cvagina, as a depository for semen
cream19th Cvaginal secretions
crease female genitals
crevice19th Clabia and vaginal slit
crinkum-crankum18th Cvagina
crooked way19th Cfemale genitals
crotch mackerelUSvagina
crotch oil1980s USvaginal secretions
crotch16th Cgenital area
crown and feathers19th Cfemale pubic hair
crown of sense17th Cvagina
crumpet genitals
crush19th Cvagina
cuckoo's nest19th Cvagina
cum bucket vagina, as a depository for semen
cum dumpster vagina, as a depository for semen
cum pocket vagina, as a depository for semen
cunnicle vagina
cunnikin18th Cvagina
cunny warren18th Cvagina
cunnyearly 18th Cvagina; Scottish
cunny-burrow17th Cvagina
cunnyskin19th Cfemale pubic hair
cunt/cunt hole15th Cvagina; derived from Old English cwithe, 'womb', or from quaint
cunt-curtain19th Cfemale pubic hair
cunti vagina
cuntkin18th Cvagina
cuntlet18th Cvagina
cunt puntUSto kick a female in the groin
Cupid's alley19th Cvagina
Cupid's anvil19th Cvagina
Cupid's arms19th Cvagina
Cupid's cave19th Cvagina
Cupid's cloister19th Cvagina
Cupid's corner19th Cvagina
Cupid's cupboard19th Cvagina
Cupid's furrow19th Cvagina
Cupid's hotel19th Cvagina
Cupid's arbour19th Cvagina
cush1950svagina; Arabic 'vagina'
cushat19th Cfemale genitals; literally, 'a wood pigeon'
custom house goods18th Cfemale genitals
custom house18th Cfemale genitals
cut and come again19th Cgenitals
cutty20th C USvagina
cuzzy/cuzzie20th C USvagina; literally 'cousin'
Cyprian arbour17th Cvagina; from Cyprian 'whore'
Cyprian cave17th Cvagina; from Cyprian 'whore'
Cyprian Strait17th Cvagina; from Cyprian 'whore'
daisy18th Cvagina
damber-bush19th Cfemale pubic hair; literally 'dame bush'
damp/the damp1950svagina
dark19th Cvagina
dark-hole19th Cvagina
date1910s Australiafemale genitals
Davy Crockett's hat1990svagina and pubic hair, esp, red pubic hair
dead end street19th Cvagina
dearest bodily partlate 16th Cvagina
deer hoof vagina/labia
delta of Venus female genitals and pubic hair
dent vagina
dick depot vagina, as a place for the penis
dick dock vagina, as a place for the penis
dick drive vagina
dick holster vagina, as a place for the penis
dick shed vagina, as a place for the penis
dick1960s USclitoris
dickey dido20th Cvagina and genital area
dickwheat1990s USfemale pubic hair
diddle vagina/clitoris
dilberry bush19th Cfemale pubic hair
dimple/dimples19th Cfemale genitals
ditch19th Cvagina
divine monosyllable vagina; refers to the taboo 'cunt'
divine scar vagina
divit vagina
dna dumpster vagina, as a depository for semen
dog's mouth vagina
donkey's yawn1990svagina
doodle-case19th Cvagina; from doodle 'penis'
doodle-sack19th Cvagina; from doodle 'penis'
door of life vagina
dormouse19th Cvagina
dot1970s lesbianclitoris
double-sucker(s)19th Clabia
down below20th Cgenitals
down there20th Cgenitals
downshire19th Cvagina/genitals/pubic hair
downstairs20th Cgenitals
downy bit19th Cvagina
drain19th Cvagina
dripping delta female genitals
dripping pan18th Cfemale genitals/vagina
drippings18th Cvaginal secretions
droog female genitals
duckpond19th Cfemale genitals
duckweed1990s USfemale pubic hair
dumb glutton18th Cvagina; it 'eats' the penis
dumb squint18th Cvagina
dyke19th Cvagina
ear between the legs19th Clabia, esp. the labia minora
Easy Bake oven vagina/uterus
eel potlate 18th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
eel-skinnerlate 18th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
Einstein1980s US campusfemale pubic hair; from the physicist's hair
entrance19th Cvagina
etcetera16th Cfemale genitals/vagina
Eve's custom houselate 18th Cfemale genitals/vagina; where Adam's arsenal 'male genitalia' first entered
evening socket1990svagina; the penis 'plugs in' at night
evergreens19th Cfemale pubic hair/genitals
everlasting wound19th Cvagina
exchequermid16th Cvagina
Exeter Hall19th Cvagina; refers to the temperance hall
eye that weeps most when best pleased/eye that weeps19th Cvagina
face between her forks16th Cfemale genitals; from fork, where the legs join the trunk
factotum19th Cvagina; literally, 'man of all work'
fan19th Cfemale genitals
fancy work20th Cfemale pubic hair
fancy-bit19th Cgenitals
fandango female genitals/vagina
fanny batter1990svaginal secretions
fanny flange1990sclitoris
fannymid19th Cvagina, in British English; in American English it means the buttocks
fanny-artful/Fanny Artful19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
fanny-fair/Fanny fair19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
fart-daniel19th Cvagina; literally 'a sucking pig'
fat cock19th Clabia/labia minora, esp. when prominent
feather18th Cfemale pubic hair
felted mound female pubic hair/genitals
feminine gender19th Cvagina
fern1950s USfemale pubic hair/genitals
fiddle19th Cvagina
fie-for-shame19th Cvagina
fig19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
fillet-o-fish female genitals/labia
finger hut vagina
finger pie20th Cgenitals
fire19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
firelock19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
fireplace19th Cvagina
fires of hell19th Cvagina
firework19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
fish factory vagina
fish hole vagina
fish lips1990sThe labia
fish market19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
fish mitten1990svagina
fish pie female genitals/vagina
fish taco labia/vagina
fish19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
fish-tank1980sfemale genitals/vagina
flange1990s USvagina
flap snot1990svaginal secretions
flap17th Cvagina
fleece19th Cfemale pubic hair
flesh tuxedo20th Cvagina; featured in Spinal Tap
flesh wallet vagina, as a place for the penis
fleshly part19th Cfemale genitals
flitter19th C USfemale genitals/vagina; literally, 'a pancake'
flounder, the female genitals/vagina
flower of chivalry19th Cvagina
flower female genitals
flue19th C USvagina
fluff19th C; also 1970s US Blackfemale pubic hair
fly by night19th Cfemale genitals
fly-cage19th Cvagina
fly-catcher19th Cvagina
flytrap19th Cvagina
foo foo/foof female genitals
fool trap17th Cvagina
forecastle19th Cgenitals
fore-court19th Cgenitals
foregut19th Cfemale genitals
fore-hatch19th Cvagina
fore-room19th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
forest19th Cfemale pubic hair
forewoman19th Cfemale genitals
forge19th Cfemale genitals
fornicator19th Cvagina
fornicator's hall vagina
Fort Bushy female pubic hair
fort19th Cvagina
fortress19th Cvagina
fountain of love19th Cvagina
framazama female genitals
free fishery19th Cvagina
French dip1950sprecoital vaginal secretions
frizzle20th Cvagina and pubic hair
front attic19th Cvagina
front bottom1990svagina
front bum/ front-butt1990s New Zealandvagina
front door mat1930sfemale pubic hair
front door/the front door19th C US Blackvagina; as contrasted with the back door, 'the anus'
front entrance19th Cvagina
front garden19th Cfemale genitals and pubic hair
front gate19th Cvagina
front gut19th Cvagina
front parlor19th Cvagina
front room19th Cvagina
front window19th Cvagina
front/frontal wedgie20th Csimilar to camel-toe
fruitful vine19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
fuck flaps1990slabia
fuckholelate 19th Cvagina
fud vagina (Scottish)
fun hatch1990sfemale genitals/vagina
fun hole vagina
fun tunnel vagina
funniment19th Cvagina
funny bit19th Cvagina
fur below18th Cfemale pubic hair
fur burger1960sfemale genitals/vagina
fur pie20th Cfemale pubic hair/vagina
fur18th Cfemale pubic hair
furrow19th Cvaginal slit
furry bicycle stand1990svagina and pubic hair
furry cup vagina
furry front bottom1990svagina
furry hoop20th Cvagina
furze-bush19th Cfemale pubic hair
futy20th Cvagina
futz1940svagina; literally, 'a trifle'
fuzz box female pubic hair/vagina
fuzz1980sfemale pubic hair
fuzzies1960s USfemale pubic hair
fuzzy cup1970s US Blackvagina
fuzzy lap flounder1990s USvagina
fuzzy taco female genitals/vagina
G1950s US Blackvagina; abbreviation of 'goodies'
gallimaufry19th Cvagina; literally, 'a mess of food'
gap18th Cvagina
gape over the garter19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
gape19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
gaper19th Cvagina/labia
garage vagina, as a place for the penis
garden gate/garden gates19th Clabia
Garden of Eden16th Cpubic hair/vagina
garden of pleasure19th Cvagina
garden19th Cfemale pubic hair/vagina
gash18th Cvaginal slit
gasp and grunt vagina
gate in the orchard19th Clabia/vagina/pubic hair
gate of horn19th Cvagina
gate of life19th Cvagina
Gates of Heaven female genitals/vagina
gazookus1970s USfemale genitals or buttocks
gearlate 19th Cvagina
gee1990svagina or buttocks
gee-gee1950s USvagina or buttocks
generating place19th Cvagina
gentleman's pleasure-garden19th Cfemale genitals
gigg/gig18th Cgenitals; literally, 'a light carriage'
gigi female genitals
gina vagina
ginch1950svagina; literally, 'a small piece'
giner vagina
ginge minge1990sfemale pubic hair, esp. ginger-colored
girl street vagina
glamity1980svagina; West Indies/UK Black teen dial. for 'wet and sticky'
glory hole1920s USvagina, or another hole into which one might stick his penis
glory road vagina
gluepot/goo pot20th Cvagina, as place for semen
gnash female genitals
goat-milker19th Cvagina, as a depository for semen
golden donut/doughnut20th Cvagina
golden doorway female genitals
golden gully female genitals
goldfinch's nest19th CA place for the penis
gooseberry bush19th Cfemale pubic hair
goose-grease19th Cvaginal secretions
gorilla burger1990sfemale pubic hair/genitals
gorilla salad1960s US gayfemale pubic hair
Grand Canyon vagina, esp. a large vagina
grass1910sfemale pubic hair
gravy boat female genitals
gravymid18th Cvaginal secretions
gravy-giver19th Cvagina
gravy-maker19th Cvagina
Great Divide, the19th Cvaginal slit
green grove19th Cfemale pubic hair/genitals
green meadowmid19th Cgenitals/pubic hair
greengrocerymid19th Cvagina
grindstone19th Cfemale genitals
gristle-gripper1990svagina, as a place for the penis
groceries19th C US gayvagina
grommet19th C USvagina
groove1920s US Blackvaginal slit
grotto19th Cvaginal slit
Grove of Eglantine19th Cfemale pubic hair and genitals
growler1990s New Zealandvagina
grumble genitals
grummet19th Cvagina; literally, 'a washer'
gulf19th Cvagina
gully hole19th Cvagina
gully19th Cvagina
gusset17th Cvagina
gut entrance19th Cvagina
gutter19th Cvagina
gymnasium17th Cvagina
gynie vagina
gyve/gyvel18th Cvagina; literally, 'a shackle'
haddock pastie/pasty1990svagina and pubic hair
hair court19th Cfemale pubic hair
hair pie1930s USvagina
hairburger1980s USfemale genitals/vagina
hairy axe wound1990svagina and pubic hair
hairy checkbook1990svagina and pubic hair
hairy cherry female genitals/vagina
hairy cup1990svagina and pubic hair
hairy donut/doughnut1990svagina and pubic hair
hairy goblet1990svagina and pubic hair
hairy lasso1990svagina and pubic hair
hairy Mary1960s Irishvagina and pubic hair
hairy oracle18th Cvagina and pubic hair
hairy ring19th Cvagina and pubic hair
hairy wheelmid19th C Australiavagina and pubic hair
Hairyfordshire19th Cvagina and pubic hair
half-moon17th Cvagina
ham flap/ham sandwich/ham wallet female genitals/vagina
hamburger female genitals/vagina
Hans Carvel's ring18th Cvagina; literary
ha'penny/halfpenny20th Cvagina
happy hunting grounds19th C USfemale genitals
happy valley genitals
harbor of hope19th Cfemale genitals
harbor19th Cfemale genitals
hat18th Cvagina
hatchet wound vagina
hatchway19th Cvagina
heart-shaped box vagina
heaven18th Cvagina
heaven's door vagina
Hebe18th Cvagina/pubic hair; from the goddess of youth
hedge on the dyke19th Cfemale pubic hair
hell18th Cvagina
her female genitals
Herbie's bonnet/Herbie's Beetle bonnet20th Cfemale genitals, esp. when shaved, likened to the Volkswagen Beetle's round bonnet
hey nonny nonny/hey-nonny-no 17th C female genitals
hidey hole   vagina
highway20th Cfemale genitals/vagina
hina   vagina
hinge   female genitals
hirsute oyster1990svagina and pubic hair
hive19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
hog eye   vagina
hogstye of Venus 19th C female genitals
hole of content 19th C vagina
hole of holes 19th C vagina
hole 16th C vagina
Holloway19th Cvagina; a pun on 'hollow way'
holy Dorito 1990s female genitals
holy of holies   vagina
home plate female genitals/vagina; the final of the four 'bases'
home sweet home late 19th C vagina
hone 17th C vagina
honey altar 1990s vagina
honey cave vagina, esp. during cunnilingus
honey pot18th Cvagina, esp. during cunnilingus
honeysuckle   female genitals
hooch/hootch/hootchie female genitals/vagina
hooded lady clit
hoo-ha/ hoo-hoo female genitals/vagina
hoon   vagina
hoop 1930s US prison vagina
horse collar 19th C genitals
hortus18th Cfemale genitals/vagina; from Latin 'garden'
hot box20th C USvagina, esp. of a woman who orgasms quickly
hot pocket   vagina
hot spot   clitoris
hotel 19th C vagina
Hottentot apron20th Clabia, esp. when elongated
house under the hill 19th C vagina
housewife19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
hummer hole female genitals/vagina
hush puppy   female genitals
hypogastrian cranny/hypogastric cranny17th Cvagina; from Greek hypogastrum, the part of the body below the belly and above the genitals
ineffable, the 19th C vagina
Inglenook 19th C vaginal slit
ill na-naUSvagina
inkwell1970s USvagina
instrument 19th C genitals
intimate part genitals of either sex or the breasts of a woman; similar to 'private parts'
Irish fortune 19th C vagina
itmid19th Cgenitals of either sex
itcher late 17th C vagina
itching Jenny 19th C vagina
ivory gate 19th C vagina
jack in the box female genitals/vagina
Jack nasty facemid19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
Jack Straw's castle 19th C vagina
Jacob's ladder19th Cvagina; the penis 'climbs' up it
jade gate   vagina
jam cookie1990sfemale genitals/vagina
jam1980s US Blackfemale genitals/vagina
jampot19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
jaws of hell vagina
jaxy vagina
jelly bag17th Cfemale genitals
jelly box1920s USfemale genitals/vagina
jelly roll1920s USfemale genitals/vagina
jelly1920s US Blackfemale genitals/vagina
jewel19th Cvagina
jigger19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
jing-jang19th Cvagina
jizz receptacle vagina, as a depository for semen
jocklate 18th Cgenitals and surrounding area
Joe Hunt Vagina; rhyming slang of 'cunt'
joint1970s USfemale genitals/vagina
joy box 1970s US vagina
joy button 1970s US clitoris
joy buzzer 1970s clitoris
joy hole 1930s US Black vagina
joy trail 1970s vagina
juice box   vagina
justum17th Cvagina; from Latin 'a suitable thing'
jyna   vagina
kaifa/keifer/kyfer19th Cfemale genitals; from Arabic kayf 'absolute enjoyment'
kazoo 1960s vagina
kennel 18th C vagina
kettle 17th C vagina
keyhole 19th C vagina
kipper box1990svagina; esp. if unwashed
kipper 1950s vagina
kitchen 19th C genitals
kitty/kitty-cat20th Cvagina; similar to 'pussy'
knicker bacon 1990s labia
knick-knack 19th C genitals/vagina
kooch vagina
kooter/kuder genitals/vagina
laced mutton 17th C female genitals
ladder vagina; the penis 'climbs' up it
Lady Berkeley19th Cvagina; rhyming slang, 'Berkeley Hunt' from 'cunt'
lady flower mid19th C vagina
Lady Jane mid19th C vagina
lady star   vagina
lady's low toupee 19th C female pubic hair
lamp of love 19th C vagina
landing strip female pubic hair, esp. when styled with a thin strip of hair
lap flounder   vagina
lap late 16th C vagina
lapland 19th C vagina
lather-maker19th Cvagina, as a depository for semen
lawn 1950s pubic hair
leading article 19th C genitals
leather 16th C vagina
leather-lane/Leather Lane 19th C vagina
leaving shop19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
lemon 1930s US Black vagina or pubic hair
life's dainty 19th C female genitals
lips 1990s US Black labia
little (old) man in the boat 19th C clitoris
little boy in the boat 20th C clitoris
little man 20th C clitoris
little Mary   female genitals
little pal 19th C clitoris/vagina
little ploughman 19th C clitoris
little shame tongue 19th C clitoris
little sister 19th C female genitals
living fountain 17th C vagina
lob's pound16th Cfemale genitals; from lob 'penis'
lobster pot 19th C genitals
lock of locks 18th C vagina
lock 19th C vagina
locker 19th C vagina
lodging19th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
loins   genitals
lollipop1960sfemale genitals/vagina
long-eye 19th C vagina
loose meat sandwich Australian female genitals
lotus/lotus flower   vagina
love box1980s USvagina, as a place for the penis
love button 1990s US clitoris
love canal/love cave1980s USvagina, as a place for the penis
love chamber vagina, as a place for the penis
love flesh 19th C vagina
love glove1980s USvagina, as a place for the penis
love grotto   vagina
love hole1980s USvagina, as a place for the penis
love juicelate 19th Cvaginal secretions, esp. during arousal
love lane mid19th C vagina
love muscle   vagina
love nest1990s USvagina
love taco/love tunnel vagina, as a place for the penis
love tunnel vagina, as a place for the penis
love's harbor19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
love's paradise 19th C female genitals
love's pavilion   vagina
love's harbor19thvagina, as a place for the penis
low countries 18th C genitals
lower lip   labia
lower mouth 19th C labia
lower stomach genitals of either sex
lower wig 19th C pubic hair
lowlands 18th C genitals
lucky bag 19th C genitals
lunch meatfemale genitals
lute19th Cfemale genitals
machine 19th C genitals
maddikin18th Cfemale genitals/vagina
madge 18th C vagina
magpie's nest20th C US Blackfemale genitals
maid's ring 19th C hymen
main avenue 19th C vagina
main vein1950sfemale genitals/vagina
malkin17th Cvagina; from Scottish 'cat'
man in the boat late 19th C clitoris
manginamale genitals tucked behind the legs to mimic vagina
mangle19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
manhole20th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
manko   vagina (Japanese)
man's ruin   female genitals
mantrap late 18th C vagina
map of Tasmania/Tassie/Tazzy/Tassie/Tasi, mapatazi/mapatasi1990s Australiafemale pubic hair; from its similarity to the shape of Tasmania
map-trap 18th C female genitals
marble arch 19th C vagina
mark of the beast 18th C genitals
Mary Jane 19th C female genitals
masterpiece 18th C genitals
maw 19th C female genitals
McMuff1990sfemale pubic hair/genitals
meat curtains/meat flap1990slabia majora
meat grinder female genitals/vagina
meat wallet vagina, as a place for the penis
meat 16th C genitals
medlar 18th C female genitals
melting pot19th Cvagina; it 'melts' the semen from the penis
mick 1930s Australia vagina
Mickey Mouse 1930s US female genitals
mickey1960s Australiavagina; in contrast, means 'penis' in Irish slang
middle cut 1970s US Black vagina
middle kingdom 19th C vagina
midlands 19th C genitals
milk jug 18th C vagina
milk pan19th Cvagina, as a depository for semen
milkerlate 19th Cvagina; it 'milks' the penis
milking pail/milk pail19th Cvagina; it 'milks'the penis
mill 18th C vagina
milliner's shop 19th C female genitals
milt market19th Cvagina; from milt, the roe of the male fish
milt shop19th Cvagina; from milt, the roe of the male fish
mine of pleasure 19th C vagina
minge20th Cvagina and pubic hair
mink 20th C US female genitals
miraculous cairn 19th C female genitals
miraculous pitcher 18th C female genitals
Miss Brown 18th C vagina
Miss Laycock 18th C vagina
mo19th C Australiafemale genitals; abbreviation of 'moustache'
modicum 18th C genitals
mohair knickers1990sfemale pubic hair, esp. when very hairy
mole-catcher late 19th C vagina
Molly's hole 19th C vagina
money box 19th C vagina
money machine1960s USfemale genitals/vagina
money 18th C vagina
moneymaker19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
money-spinner 19th C vagina
monkey 19th C Australia/US vagina
monosyllable18th Cvagina; refers to the taboo cunt
Mons Meg19th Cvagina; from the mouth of the cannon at Edinburgh Castle
moose knuckle Singular - in reference to females: extremely large labial outline under tight clothing, for males: the shape of a man's penis under tight clothing - in the plural refers to a man's testicles & penis similarly outlined
moosey1920s USfemale genitals; refers to the pubic hair, or means 'soft,' 'over-ripe'
mortar   vagina
moss rose 19th C female pubic hair
moss 19th C female pubic hair
mossy bank 19th C female pubic hair
mossy cell 19th C female pubic hair
mossy cottage1990sfemale pubic hair/genitals
mossy doughnut1940s USfemale pubic hair/genitals
mossy face18th Cfemale pubic hair/genitals
mother of all masons 19th C vagina
mother of all saints 18th C genitals
mother of all souls   female genitals
mother of St. Patrick 18th C vagina
mother of St. Paul 19th C vagina
mott-carpet/mot-carpet19th Cfemale pubic hair; literally 'woman-carpet'
mott-fleece19th Cfemale pubic hair; literally 'woman-fleece'
mound   female genital area
Mount Pleasant 19th C genitals
Mount-Faulcon 16th C female genitals
mouse   female genitals
mousehole 19th C vagina
mouser 19th C vagina
mousetrap 19th C vagina
mouth thankless 19th C vagina
mouth that cannot bite 17th C vagina
much-traveled highway 19th C vagina
mud flaps labia, esp. those of dark-skinned women
mufflate 17thfemale pubic hair and vagina; from the fleecy hand-warmers of old
muffin 1950s female genitals
mushroom 19th C female genitals
mustard and cress 19th C female pubic hair
mustard pot 19th C female genitals
mute1970svagina; the 'mouth' cannot speak
mutton16th Cgenitals/vagina
naf/naff 19th C vagina
naggie/naggy 19th C vagina
name it not 19th C vagina
nameless 19th C vagina
nana/na-na   female genitals
nanty crackling 19th C female genitals
nappy dugout vagina, as a place for the penis
nasty 19th C vagina
nature 19th C US Black genitals
nature's privy seal 19th C hymen
nature's treasury 19th C female genitals
nature's tufted treasure19th Cfemale genitals and pubic hair
naughty19th Cvagina
nautch vagina
neden vagina; also coitus
needle-book vagina
needlecase19th Cvagina
nest in the bush 17th C pubic hair/vagina
nest 18th C vagina
nether (eye)lashes 19th C pubic hair
nether beard 19th C female pubic hair
nether end 19th C vagina
nether eye 19th C vagina
nether eyebrow 19th C pubic hair
nether lips 19th C labia
nether partsgenitalsgenitals of either sex; literally 'the lower parts'
nether regionsgenitalsgenitals of either sex; literally 'the lower parts'
nether whiskers 19th C female pubic hair
Netherlands, the 18th C genitals of either sex
nettle bed18th Cvagina and pubic hair
never-out/the never out 19th C vagina
niche   female genitals
niche-cock 18th C vagina
nick in the notch 19th C vagina
nick 18th C vaginal slit
nick-nack 19th C genitals/vagina
ninepence19th Cfemale genitals
ninja foot/ninja shoe20th Csimilar to camel-toe
nock 16th C genitals/vagina
nonesuch 18th C vagina
nonny-no 16th C vagina
nooch   genitals
nookie/nooky/nook1960s USfemale genitals; 'nookie' also mean coitus
notch 18th C vaginal slit
novelty 18th C vagina
nub   clitoris
number nip 19th C vagina
nursery 19th C vagina
nuts 20th C US Black clitoris
oat bin   genitals
old ding 19th C 19th vagina
old frizzle18th Cfemale pubic hair/genitals
old hat 17th C genitals
old lady 19th C vagina
old thing mid19th C genitals
old woman late 18th C vagina
Olympic pool 20th C vagina
omnibus19th Cvagina; it is 'ridden' by all
one-ended furrow 19th C vagina
open charms19th Cvagina
open woundvagina
oracle 198h C vagina
orange 17th C female genitals
orchard19th Cfemale genitals/vagina
organ grinder   vagina
Oval OfficeUSvagina viewed sexually; puns on the personal office of the US President without suggesting any sexual impropriety on his behalf
oven 17th C vagina
oyster 17th C vagina
oyster-catcher 19th C female genitals
p1990s US Blackvagina; abbreviation of 'pussy'
P.E.E.P.1980s US'perfectly excellent eating pussy'
package 1980s US genitals
palace of pleasure 19th C vagina
pan   genitals
pancake 19th C female genitals
panty hamster female pubic hair/genitals
parking lot 1960s US vagina
parlor/parlor room 19th C vagina
parsley bed 18th C pubic hair/vagina
parsley 19th C female pubic hair
part of India 16th C from the shape of the pudendum
parts of shame 19th C genitals
parts genitals of either sex; shortened form of 'private parts'
passion flaps 1990s labia
passion flower1990slabia
passion pit 19th C vagina
patch19th Cfemale pubic hair/genitals
peach fish   vagina
peach   female genitals
peculiar river 16th C vagina
pelt   pubic hair
penis penitentiary19th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
pen wiper19th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
pen 19th C female genitals
periwinkle mid19th C vagina
Phoenix nest19th Cvagina; it makes the penis 'rise again'
pie 1950s US vagina
pigeonhole 16th C vagina
pin-case19th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
pin-cushion19th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
pink canoe clitoris and vaginal clam
pink pearl clitoris and vaginal clam
pink taco labia and vaginal slit
pink velvet sausage wallet1990splace for penis
pink1950svagina, esp. an open vagina in pornography
pink-eye 20th C US vagina
pintlecase19th Cvagina; from pintle 'penis'
pipe cleaner vagina, as a place for the penis
pipe 1960s vagina
pipkin 17th C vagina
piss curtains   labia
piss fenders   labia
piss flaps/piss flappers 20th C labia
pisser late 19th C vagina
pit hole 19th C vagina
pit mouth19th Cvagina
pit of darkness19th Cvagina
pit of pork18th Cfemale genitals
pit19th Cvagina
pitcher that holds water with the mouth down18th Cvagina
pitcher18th Cvagina
place, the20th Cvagina
placket/placket box17th Cvaginal slit; literally 'the slit at the top of a petticoat'
plaything vagina
pleasure boat19th Cvagina
pleasure ground/pleasure grounds19th Cvagina
pleasure place19th Cfemale genitals
plum tree17th Cfemale genitals
plumber's toolbag1990sfemale genitals
plush19th Cfemale pubic hair
p-maker19th Cvagina; i.e. 'piss-maker'
pocket vagina
pocketbook vagina
poes1960s South Africavagina; i.e. 'pussy'
poke-hole/poking holelate 19th Cvagina
pokey/pookie20th C West Indiesvagina
pole hole1970svagina, as a place for the penis
poon1920s USvagina
poonani/poonaner female genitals
poontang pie female genitals
poontang/pootang/putang1920s USvagina or coitus; from French putaine 'prostitute'; formerly used in the US South of copulation by a white male with a black female
poor man's blessing19th Cvagina
pootenanny/pootnanny1990s US Blackvagina
pooter vagina
pootie poo/pooty poo vagina
poozle19th Cvagina; i.e. 'pussy'
po-po vagina
portal of Venus vagina
porthole17th Cvagina
pot vagina
pouter19th Cvagina
pranny/prannie19th Cvagina; from Scottish pran 'to crush'
prat/pratt/prats19th Cvagina
premises19th Cvagina
prick-holder19th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
prick-purse19th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
prick-scourer19th Cvagina
prick-skinner19th Cvagina
prime cut1970svagina
prison pursevagina; also anus
private parts genitals of either sex; the parts usually hidden from the public
privates genitals of either sex; the parts usually hidden from the public
privities genitals of either sex
privy hole vagina
privy paradise19th Cvagina
privy parts genitals of either sex; an older version of private parts
promised land/The Promised Land genitals
pubes1950spubic hair
pubsickers1990s Irishpubic hair
puddle19th Cvagina
pudenda muliebris/muliebre female genitals
pudendum anatomical term for the female external sex organs
puki/puke vagina (Filipino)
pulpit19th Cgenitals
pump dale17th Cfemale genitals
pum-pum1980s West Indiesfemale genitals
punani/punaani vagina
punce19th Cvagina
pundu1970sSouth Africa
punse19th C Yiddishvagina
purse17th Cvagina
puss17th Cgenitals
pussy hair1970sfemale pubic hair
pussymid19th Cvagina
pussycat19th C US Blackvagina
quaint/queynte16th Cvagina
quarry18th Cvagina
queen of holes19th Cvagina
quid19th Cgenitals; from Latin 'what'
quiff20th Cvagina
quim bush18th Cfemale pubic hair
quim nuts1990s USlabia, esp. if large
quim whiskers19th Cfemale pubic hair
quim wig19th Cfemale pubic hair
quim/quemearly 18th Cvagina; from quaint, or Welsh cwm 'valley'
quimsbyearly 18th Cvagina
quivering mound of love puddingvagina
quiver19th Cvagina
quoniam15th Cgenitals; from Latin 'whereas'
rag box1970s US Blackvagina
rasplate 19th Cgenitals
rat trap vagina
rat1990svagina or pubic hair
rattle bollocks18th Cgenitals
Rattlesnake Canyon20th Cvagina
Raw Oyster20th Cvagina
receipt of custom18th Cfemale genitals
receiving set vagina
red ace19th Cvagina and pubic hair
red c.19th Cvagina and pubic hair; literally 'red cunt'
red lane20th Cfemale genitals
red snapper20th Cvagina
rest and be thankful19th Cvagina
rigol17th Cvagina; literally 'watercourse'
ring16th Cvagina or anus, viewed sexually
ringarangaroo1930s USvagina
road to a christening19th Cvagina
road to Heaven19th Cvagina
roadlate 16th Cvagina
roast beef labia or vagina
roast beef curtain(s) labia or vagina
roasting jack19th Cvagina
Rob the ruffian19th Cvagina
rod roaster vagina
rooster19th Cvagina
rose18th Cvagina, esp. of a virgin
rosebud clitoris
rough malkin17th Cfemale genitals; from Scottish malkin 'cat'
rough-and-readymid19th Cvagina
rough-and-tumblemid19th Cvagina
rough-o19th Cvagina
Rufus19th Cgenitals
rug female pubic hair
rusty bucket1990sfemale pubic hair
sacklate 17th Cvagina
saddle bags1990slabia
saddle17th Cvagina
saltcellar19th Cfemale genitals
salting1950s West Indiesfemale genitals; literally 'salty thing'
sampler19th Cfemale genitals; something one 'sews'
satchel vagina
sausage wallet vagina, as a place for the penis
scabbard19th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
scat1970s US Blackvagina
scate17th Cvagina; i.e. the fish 'skate'
scratch vagina
scrubbing brush19th C Australiafemale pubic hair
scut16th Cpubic hair; literally 'a rabbit's tail'
scuttle vagina
second hole from the back of the neck20th Cvagina
secret parts genitals of either sex
seed plot19th Cvagina
seminary19th Cvagina, as a depository for semen
serpent socket1990svagina
sex hole vagina
sex1930sgenitals of either sex
shady spring19th Cfemale genitals
shakebag18th Cvagina
shaving brush20th Cfemale pubic hair
she19th Cfemale genitals
sheath19th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
shooter's hill19th Cgenitals
short and curlies20th Cpubic hair
shot-locker20th C USvagina, as a depository for semen
shrubbery19th Cpubic hair
Sigourney Weaver1990sfemale pubic hair; rhyming slang of 'beaver'
silent beard19th Cfemale pubic hair; the vagina is a silent 'mouth'
silk igloo vagina
skincoat16th Cvagina
skin-the-pizzle19th Cvagina; from pizzle 'penis'
slash20th C USvagina
sleeve1990s USvagina, as a place for the penis
slice of life20th Cvagina
slice20th Cvagina
slit17th Clabia and vagina
slot1940s Australiavagina
sluice17th Cvagina
smock alley18th Cfemale genitals
smoo genitals
smush mitten genitals
snake charmer vagina
snapper1960s USvagina; from 'snapping pussy', one with strong control of the vaginal muscles
snapping turtle20th Cvagina, esp. one with strong control of the vaginal muscles
snatch box19th Cvagina
snatch19th Cvagina/female genitals
snatch-blatch19th Cvagina
snatch-thatch18th Cfemale pubic hair
snicket1990svagina; literally 'a narrow passage'
snippet vagina
snizz vagina
snuggy1940s USfemale pubic hair
socket17th Cvagina; the penis 'plugs' in
soggy boxloose vagina
south mouth vagina
South Pole19th Cvagina
South, the genitals of either sex
southern belle female genitals
space vagina
spadger1990s Australiafemale genitals; dial. 'a sparrow'
Spam Alley vagina, viewed sexually; from spam 'penis,' derived from meat'penis'
Spam purse vagina, viewed sexually; from spam 'penis,' derived from meat 'penis'
spare tongue1960sclitoris
spasm chasm1990svagina, viewed sexually
sperm bank vagina, viewed sexually
sperm-sucker19th Cvagina
spew alley19th Cvagina
spinning Jenny19th Cvagina
spleuchan18th Cvagina; from Scottish 'a tobacco pouch'
split apricot17th Cgenitals
split beaver/spread beaver/wide-open beaver1970sthe open labia and vagina, as in pornography
split fig17th Cfemale genitals
split kipper1990svagina
split mutton17th Cfemale genitals
split1910s Australia/USlabia/vagina
splittail labia/vagina
sporran19th Cpubic hair
sportsman's gap19th Cvagina
sportsman's hole19th Cvagina
spot genitals
spunk-pot1990svagina, as a depository for semen
squelchy monkey1990svagina
squirrel1970s USpubic hair
squishy genitals
stadge1990svagina, esp. of a fat woman; from 'stodge' i.e. thick and stocky
staff breaker19th Cvagina
staff climber19th Cvagina
standing room for one19th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
stank1970s US Blackvagina
steak drapes1990slabia
stench trench20th Cfemale genitals
stink hole vagina
stink1970s US Blackvagina
stinkpot1950s US Blackvagina
stinky pink vagina
stream's town/streamstown/Stream Town18th Cvagina
stubble18th Cpubic hair
stuff genitals
suck and swallow19th Cvagina
sugar basin19th Cvagina
sugar walls vagina
sushi taco1990sfemale genitals, esp. the labia majora
sweaty axe wound/sweaty hatchet wound female genitals
sweet briar17th Cfemale pubic hair
sweet potato pie1980s US Blackfemale genital area
sweet spot G-spot
t'aint/taintmeat1990s USfemale genitals, or the perineum of either sex
taco female genitals, esp. the labia majora
tail box genitals
tail feathers17th Cfemale pubic hair
tail gap vagina
tail gate genitals
tail hole vagina
tail17th Cgenitals
tampon socket vagina
tampon tunnel vagina
tang vagina; from 'poontang'
target17th Cvagina
taste bud1960sclitoris
teazie19th Cvagina
Temple of Low Men female genitals
temple female genitals
tench19th Cfemale genitals
that there20th Cvagina
that thing1900s US Blackvagina
that19th Cgenitals
thatch19th Cpubic hair
thatched house under the hill/thatched house19th Cvagina
thing vagina
thingamabob20th Cvagina or clitoris
thingamajig/thingamagig20th Cvagina or clitoris
thingamy/thingummy20th Cvagina or clitoris
thingy/thingie vagina or clitoris
third base1940s USvagina; thus a home run 'intercourse'
tickle Thomas19th Cvagina
tickler clitoris
till/the till19th Cvagina
tirly-whirlylate 18th Cvagina; from Scottish 'winding' or 'intricate'
tit18th Cvagina or clitoris; in modern usage, breast
tit-bit17th Cvagina
titmousemid17th Cvagina
tivvy/tivy vagina
toll dish17th Cfemale genitals
tongue magnet female genitals
tool chest19th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
tool shed vagina, as a place for the penis
toolbox19th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
touch 'em up19th Cvagina
toupee18th Cpubic hair
toy shop vagina
treasure chest female genitals
treasure of love18th Cfemale genitals
treasure of pleasure18th Cfemale genitals
treasure19th Cvagina
trench19th Cvaginal slit
trim20th C USpubic hair/genitals
trinket genitals
trotlate 18th Cvagina; literally 'a prostitute'
trout1950s US Blackvagina
tu quoque18th Cgenitals; from Latin 'you too'
tuft1970spubic hair
tuna taco female genitals, esp. the labia
tuna town female genitals
tuna1950s US Blackfemale genitals
tunnel of love vagina
tunnel19th Cvagina, as a place for the penis
tunti1950s West Indiesfemale genitals
tun-tun1950s West Indiesfemale genitals
turkey curtains labia
turnpike19th Cvagina
tuzzymuzzy18th Cfemale genitals; literally 'disheveled'
twam/twammy/twim20th Cvagina
twatmid17th Cvagina/female genitals; dial. twitchel 'a narrow passage'
twatchelmid17th Cvagina; literally 'a passage'
twat-rug19th Cfemale pubic hair
twim genitals
twitcher/twitchet vulva
undeniable19th Cvagina
under-belongings19th Cgenitals
undercut female genitals/labia
under-dimple19th Cvagina
under-entrance19th Cvagina
undermeat1990slabia majora
unders genitals
undertaker19th Cvagina
underworld19th Cvagina
Upper Holloway19th Cvagina; puns on 'hollow way'
upright grin19th Cvagina
upright wink vagina
"V" thing20th Cvagina
vacuum19th Cvagina
vade-mecum19th Cvagina; from Latin, 'a useful thing' or 'come with me'
vadge vagina
vagine20th Cvagina
vagoo20th Cvagina
vag20th Cvagina
vajayjay/va-jay-jay20th Cvagina
vajizzle20th C - black slangvagina
valve vagina
Velcro love triangle/Velcro triangle female genital area
velvet glove vagina, as a place for the penis
velvet tunnel1990svagina
velvet vagina
venerable monosyllable18th Cvagina, from the taboo 'cunt'
vent vagina
Venus flytrap vagina
Venus's highway19th Cvagina
Venus's honeypot19th Cvagina
Venus's mark19th Cvagina
Venus's secret cell/Venus's cell19th Cvagina
vertical bacon sandwich1990s USlabia majora and vagina
vertical smile20th Cvagina
vertical taco vagina/labia
vestry19th Cfemale genitals
vines1970s US Blackpubic hair
Virginia1990s USvagina
wame18th Cvagina; from Scottish 'womb'
wanton ace19th Cgenitals/pubic hair
ware/wares18th Cfemale genitals; i.e. 'goods'
warehouse of warmth20th Cfemale genitals; i.e. 'goods'
warm slurpee20th Cfemale genitals
wastepipe19th Cvagina
waterbox19th Cvagina
water-course19th Cvagina
water-gap19th Cvagina
water-mill19th Cfemale genitals
way-in19th Cvagina
wayside ditch19th Cvagina
wayside fountain19th Cvagina
weather gig17th Cfemale genitals
welly top female genitals
what-do-you-call-it/whatchamacallit/whaddya call it19th Cgenitals
whelk19th Cgenitals
where the monkey sleeps20th Cvagina/genitals
where Uncle's doodle goes19th Cvagina, as a place for the extraordinarily inappropriate penis
whetting stone/whetting corn17th Cvagina; literally 'a grindstone'
whim-wham genitals
whin-bush19th Cfemale pubic hair
whisker biscuit vagina
whisker boxNew Zealandvagina
whisker1940s Australiapubic hair
whispering eyefemale genitalia
whooha female genitals; also spelled 'hooha'
wicket19th Cvagina; i.e. 'a gate'
winker1970svagina; it 'winks' like a 'vertical eye'
wizard's sleeve vagina, as a place for the penis
woogit/wugget20th Ca bald, or shaven vagina
wookie pubic hair
wool20th Cpubic hair
woo20th Cpubic hair - from "The Terror", The Tick (TV), Season 1 Episode 1 (2002)
workshop genitals
worst part16th Cgenitals
wound that never heals/wound that doesn't heal female genitals
wound genitals
wrinkle female genitals
wuss/wussy pussy (also coward)
X vagina
X-box vagina
Y, the/the YMCA genitals; presumably from the Y of legs meeting torso
yard measure vagina
ya-ya vagina
yoni vagina (Hindu)
you-know-what20th Cgenitals/vagina
you-know-where20th Cgenitals/vagina
yo-yo smuggler vagina
yum yum19th Cfemale genitals
Zone, the genitals

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