Sopranos Episode Guide Season 6

sopranos Episode 86 - Made In America

Final Episode 86 - Made In America

The final chapter in the saga of the Soprano family

sopranos 85 - The Blue Comet

85 - The Blue Comet

sopranos 84 - the second coming

84 - The Second Coming

sopranos 83 - Kennedy & Heidi

83 - Kennedy & Heidi

sopranos episode 82 - Walk Like A Man

82 - Walk Like A Man

sopranos episode 81 - Chasing It

81 - Chasing It

sopranos episode 80 - Remember When

80 - Remember When

sopranos episode 79

79 - Stage 5

sopranos episode 78

78 - Soprano Home Movies

Sopranos season 6

77 Kaisha

Sopranos season 6

76 Cold Stones

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Sopranos season 6

75 Moe & Joe

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Sopranos season 6

74 The Ride

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Sopranos season 6

73 Johnny Cakes

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Sopranos season 6

72 Luxury Lounge

Trailer 73 Johnny Cakes

Tony seeks guidance from overseas to solve a local problem, and decides whether a top earner deserves another chance.

71 Live Free or Die

Johnny Sack's daughter Allegra is getting married and Johnny petitions for temporary release from custody to attend the ceremony and reception. He's granted six hours under the supervision of the U.S. Marshals and ordered to pay the costs for the extra security measures. <br />

70 Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request

Paulie is summoned to his Aunt Dottie's death bed at the convent, and she's got a bombshell: Dottie, a nun, is Paulie's real mother. 'I was a bad girl.' The news sends Paulie into a tailspin. He boycotts Dottie's funeral and disowns Nucci, the mother/aunt who raised him.

69 The Fleshy Part of the Thigh

Silvio's feeling the pressure, and Gabrielle pushes him to be getting more compensation. And when Bobby comes by to complain again about having to give 20 percent of Roseville to Vito, the combined stress makes Silvio's asthma kick up and he's rushed to the hospital.

68 Mayham

Sopranos season 6

67 Join the Club

Eugene is a member of the crew that was headed by Ralph Cifaretto, and was one of the few people who actually seemed to get along with the late capo. He's one of the newer made guys in New Jersey; he got his button at the same ceremony as Christopher. That day Eugene stood up in front of Tony Soprano and the rest of the family, and pledged his undying devotion to them, above any and all else.

66 Members Only

On May 25th, 2005 the writer-director David Chase, creator of HBO's The Sopranos, spoke to New Yorker writer Ken Auletta at a breakfast sponsored by the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University and The New Yorker. Here

A not-for-profit fan created super trailer for the award winning HBO television drama The Sopranos. Highlighting favorite scenes and characters, this video celebrates the series the New York Times has described as the most important piece of popular American culture in the last 25 years.

YouTube, The Sopranos "Family. Redefined" Trailer

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Click here to see 25 effin seconds of Season effin 2 Episode effin 13 video. (Do I really need to warn Sopranos viewers?)

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