17% of Americans are OK with Dubai Ports World

Dubai Ports World

Only 17% of Americans believe Dubai Ports World should be allowed to purchase operating rights to several U.S. ports.

So just who are these 17% who think the deal is OK? I did a quick calculation and came up with these numbers:

There are 6 million Muslims and I estimate at least 90% of them are in favor of the port deal. This gives us 1.8%.

There are about 6.5 million Jews and 80% of them are liberals whose political correctness and persecution complex will force them to be afraid of antagonizing Arabs and so will vote in favor of the deal - thus showing the world how tolerant they are. This gives us 1.7%.

14% of the US population are anti-Semitic and I suspect 90% of them would vote for the deal just to be spiteful to Jews. This gives us 12.6%. But wait! In that number are most likely the Muslims we already counted so deducting 1.8% gives us 10.8%.

By the way, blacks are 4 times more anti-Semitic than whites. Funny how all that heart-bleeding for affirmative action and civil rights causes hasn't made blacks feel any gratitude towards Jews.

36 percent of African-Americans hold strong anti-Semitic beliefs and most likely another 44% are mildly anti-Semitic. I'm certain that 80% of blacks do not like Jews for the same reason Muslims do not.

Back to the scoreboard.

moronLet's now examine morons (IQ of 51–70), imbeciles (IQ of 26–50) and idiots (IQ of 0–25) which make up about 4% of the population. I assume all of these are in favor of the DP World Ports deal. But, again, wait! Let's figure that half of this number is already among the Muslims and other anti-Semites that we already counted. That gives us 2%.

The subtotal so far is 16.3%. The remaining.7% is evenly distributed among the present Administration, its die-hard supporters, Jimmy Carter, Camel-ass lick Al Gore and the margin of error.

Related issue: Here's a stumbling block: UAE violates US Laws against boycotting.

News Hounds, Napolitano: Dubai Ports World in Violation of American Law

This morning just after 6 o'clock, the FOX & Friends First trio - Steve Doocy, Alisyn Camerata and Judge Andrew Napolitano - started off FOX News coverage with their lead story, which we will be hearing about all day long, namely, that there's a serious flaw in the DPW ports deal. Seems the UAE-owned company honors the boycott of Israel which is against our laws.

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