More Muslim Inventions

Ahmed Badawy an ophthalmologist in Helwan, Cairo

Some inventions are almost useless. The Japanese have a term for this concept chindogu. But Muslims have taken almost useless ideas and turned them into completely useless crap.

This handy pen finder was actually invented by Ahmed Badawy an ophthalmologist in Helwan, Cairo, Egypt, although he claims other uses for it.

automated laundry dryer Here is an excellent automated laundry dryer. Can also be used in drive-by suicide bombings and rocket attacks.

indoor sundialNow that many Muslims have moved indoors away from the maddening sun, they still find that they need to tell time inside. This clever adaptation - the indoor sundial helps the less-than-technical savvy Arab tell the time.
Continuous Crying Tissue Dispenser HatContinuous Crying Tissue Dispenser Hat: This is very useful for the typical whining Muslim. "we could have been a great nation but for the Crusades... waaah, waaah, sniff." "We could have ruled Europe but for the defeat at Cordoba - whine... whine" "We were cut up and dispersed like leaves in the wind after the fall of the Ottoman Empire... booh hooh!"

This device should replace using the Turban as a handy wipe.

suicide bomber toilet seatWhere would we be without the suicide bomber toilet seat? But careful - do not use with the Continuous Crying Tissue Dispenser above.

standy-dandy-wife-standHere we see the clever re-conception of a chindogu and adapting it to Muslim way of life. This item is the standy-dandy-wife-stand. Tired of telling your insignificant other to just stand in the corner and shut up? Put a burqa over her and you have a lovely corner lamp.

portable computer/surf boardAnd just when we were beginning to think that Muslims weren't hip we find this unique portable computer/surf board.

combination camel-dildo/hand-guitarMany westerners do not know that camels can get very ornery if they're horny. Now you don't want to be alone in the desert with an ornery camel. Since Islam forbids anal penetration with any mammal, this combination camel-dildo/hand-guitar comes in very handy on those lonely nights. One less thing to fret about.

Arabian Quarter-Horse
We'll close for today with perhaps the greatest contribution to animal husbandry: the Arabian Quarter-Horse.

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