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When the former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, signed a contract with Playboy to pose naked in the Mexico February 2006 edition to be sold throughout the Americas, she dedicated her being photographed 'como Dios la trajo al mundo' [as God brought me into the world] to Donald Trump who called her an "eating machine" when she gained weight after winning the beauty pageant.

Alicia Machado is a lovely young thing who won Miss Venezuela back in 1995.

The next year she went to Vegas to represent Venezuela in the Miss Universe contest. As a result of tremendous training and her great body and looks, she became Miss Universe 1996.

alicia machado playboy mexico venezuela modelA few months afterwards, Alicia Machado started to gain weight until she was about 40 pounds overweight. The Miss Universe Organization didn't take that too kindly since she was representing the most beautiful and perfect woman in the world and here she was looking like Miss Piggy.

In January of 1997, The Donald (president of Miss Universe) humiliated her by making her work out in front of photographers. Mucho publicity was generated because of her weight. Man those coconuts must have been huge, or whatever they grow in Venezuela.

With the help of aerobics instructor Edward Jackowski she managed to lose weight and retain her crown.

For Miss Universe 1997, one of the questions to the contestants was "Do you think if elected and Miss Universe gains weight, she should be disqualified as Miss Universe?" to which every contestant answered "No". Probably to cover their asses, or is that the wrong metaphor?

After handing over her crown to Miss Universe 1997, she started working as an actress in television. But look at her now. She's certainly phat indeed.

For "Open Your Eyes" Magazine interview go here.

Let me share a little trivia with you: Venezuelan women have won four Miss Universe pageants and five Miss World crowns. Beautiful women must grow like coconuts down there.

Here's the La Granja Video

Alicia Machado Ex Miss Venezuela - video powered by Metacafe


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Update 27 Sept 2016

Donald Trump and Alicia Machado and Miss Piggy

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