No Valentines for you, Fatima

Here again, Muslims are whining about events from hundreds of years ago.

Listen Ahmed, Hallmark Cards had nothing to do with attacking Cordoba, get over these slights from ancient history!, 13 Feb 2006, Muslims Advised Not To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Muslims in the country, especially lovers, have been advised not to celebrate Valentine's Day tomorrow. State Islam Hadhari Development Committee Deputy Chairman, Muhammad Ramli Nuh said celebrating the Day could be regarded as recognising the enemies of Islam because Valentine or Valentinus [This was not whom the holiday was named after - see the Wikipedia article here] took part in planning and attacking Cordoba, once a well-known centre of Islam in Spain, causing its downfall.

He was speaking to reporters after opening the seminar on Understanding of Tasawwuf Nusantara at Universiti Darul Iman, Malaysia, here, today. Muhammad Ramli said although not many couples celebrate Valentine's Day in the state, the state government wished to remind that the celebration should not be held including in hotels. He reminded hotel managements to be sensitive to the religious beliefs of the people.

Arabs can't forgive Christians for the Crusades, they hate Jews because Israel takes up 1 sq ft of land for every 640 sq ft of theirs, they hate Americans because we support Jews and we have too many Christians and our lifestyle mocks everything Allah.

The Sunnis are bigoted against Shia, the Wahhabis hate everyone else including other Muslims [Saudi Arabia teaches you that people are basically two sides: Salafis [Wahhabis], who are the winners, the chosen ones, who will go to heaven, and the rest. The rest are Muslims and Christians and Jews and others.]

Is there a more hateful, intolerant, unforgiving religion than Islam? I ask that question with no hate or bigotry, just academically.

anti st valentine day cards by MuslimsThere are religious idiots all over the world, even Hindus:

BBC, 11 Feb 2003, Hindu and Muslim anger at Valentine's

Religious activists in India and Pakistan have begun separate protests against Valentine's Day celebrations, saying they are an insult to Hinduism and Islam.

In Bombay, members of the right-wing Shiv Sena group raided shops and burned Valentine's Day cards.

Police nationwide boosted security to head off the violent protests that have occurred in recent years.

In Pakistan, fundamentalist students condemned Valentine's Day as a day of shame and lust.

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