The End of the Free World - Thanks be to Allah, the most Magnificent, the Merciful

Islam will dominate the world

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the western world. In 50 years Europe will be majority Muslim. What Islam has not been able to do since the Crusades it will do by immigration and reproduction. First they will ask for laws banning blasphemy. Then they will ask for modest dress codes in public. Then they will require schools to carry no pork. Then they will ask not to be insulted by the celebration of Christmas or Hanukkah. By the time all women in Europe are wearing burkas, it will certainly be too late to stop them.

All Things Beautiful, A Perilous Premise

Denmark, France, and all over Europe, countries where freedom of expression and tolerance have been the hallmarks of the society, and on account of which, Muslims from all over the world, in spite of their intolerance and propensity for violence, have been welcomed into these societies.

Now, these values that are the essence of these societies are increasingly on the run, essentially being exterminated. A situation where Europeans would lose their ability to speak freely in their own country, for fear of being assassinated by Muslims, is no longer a thing to be imagined, it is now a stark reality.

Consider the fact that any citizen, even leaders in these societies, who says anything that Muslims don't like, is marked for death.

In the Netherlands, Members of parliament who have been marked for death for their speeches, fearing for their lives and the lives of members of their families, in light of the murder of Theo Van Gogh and terrorist attacks, are now practically living under house arrest and in exile in their own country for fear of their guests.

What an irony, an irony that is eerily reminiscent of the Trojan Horse.

It's not like we need to decipher or decrypt encoded messages, Muslims tell us directly that they want to overthrow western civilization and institute world Shariah:

Infidel Bloggers Alliance, Londonistan. The Mos Eisley Of Muslim Fanatics

Anjem Choudray who has been described as a henchman of the 45 year old Syrian born Mullah Bakri has sparked off a new controversy by declaring that England belongs to Allah and he would spread Allahs teachings all over the world.

Who said that you own Britain anyway? You belong to Allah. Britain belongs to Allah, the whole world belongs to Allah. There isnt anywhere on the earth that I wont propagate Gods law, The Sun quoted Choudray as saying on BBC2s Newsnight.

The time to expel them is now. Before it's too late.

In the interest of accuracy, Islam is not the fastest growing religion.

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