Why the cartoons were published - And it was a good thing

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Despite the violent demonstrations and rioting, actually because of them, the world is in a better place now. Muslims living in the UK, the EU, and in America were hiding behind a veil of deception, what in Arabic is called al-Taqiyya.

Then came the Danish Cartoon Affair. You can read the explanation from Flemming Rose, the culture editor of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten,

Washington Post,
19 Feb 2006,
Why I Published Those Cartoons

This is the sort of debate that Jyllands-Posten had hoped to generate when it chose to test the limits of self-censorship by calling on cartoonists to challenge a Muslim taboo. Did we achieve our purpose? Yes and no. Some of the spirited defenses of our freedom of expression have been inspiring. But tragic demonstrations throughout the Middle East and Asia were not what we anticipated, much less desired. Moreover, the newspaper has received 104 registered threats, 10 people have been arrested, cartoonists have been forced into hiding because of threats against their lives and Jyllands-Posten's headquarters have been evacuated several times due to bomb threats. This is hardly a climate for easing self- censorship.

Quietly, gradually, and secretly Muslims have been infiltrating Western countries. Unsuspecting nations have been incorrectly calling this process "immigration". It is not immigration, but in fact a migration with hostile intent. IMmigration implies integrating into a host country. Migration is simply a gathering of Muslims, Muslims who have no intention of adopting the culture and civilization of their host countries.

That this is true is now visible to all on the Internet. We now read previously buried stories of caving in to Muslim minority demands: museums removing art that is offensive to Muslims (1); of schools removing pork from the menu denying EVERYONE what they have a legal right to eat; of British banks banning piggy banks; of bookstores removing art books with historical depictions of Mohammed or illustrated textbooks about religion, or exhibitions, all of which were around without problem, thank you, until Muslims came along.

Even in America we have public schools that teach that Islam is historically accurate and that other faiths are inferior. Before you think that I'm jesting check out California Schools Proselytize for Allah.

muslim riots over danish cartoonsMuslims do not want to integrate but rather to replace our civilization with theirs. The UK that sleepily moved along while its Muslim population exploded, was now surprised that as few as 41% of British Muslims would oppose Sharia Law for their communities. Would the UK be able to step in and control beheadings, stonings, and amputations for what would be mere misdemeanors under UK law?

Is the entire world going nuts for fear of offending crazed jihadists in their midst? Afraid so.

These very same nations all along assumed that Islam is compatible with modern secular democracy. Less than a week after 9/11, even our own President uttered these now mistaken words, "The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam". How could he say different? To contemplate the truth would have meant declaring war against all of Islam, which we will shortly have to do.

If you want to see what happens to images of Jesus Christ or monuments of the 10 Commandments or Christmas displays under Islamic rule, look no further than when the Taliban bombed the crap out of the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan because that religious art was offensive to Islam.

Before Islam:

Bamiyan Buddhas before taliban explosives

After Islam:

Bamiyan Buddhas before taliban explosives

The Buddhas, thought to have been carved into the sandstone cliffs of Bamiyan in the third century A.D., at 175 feet and 120 feet, were the tallest standing Buddha statues in the world.

Sadly the operative word here is "were."

YouTube,Rebuilding Bamiyan - 23 Jul 07 - Part 1

In addition to the great lie that Islam is the Religion of Peace, we can add this other amusing but completely untrue chant, Islam is the religion of tolerance. Excuse me while I gag.

The Taliban's Secret Photos

A Magnum photo essay. During his coverage of the fall of Afghanistan's Taliban regime in 2002, photographer Thomas Dworzak discovered a stash of pictures showing male Taliban members in curious, effeminate poses.

A survived statue of Buddha carved into a rock is seen in Jehanabad.

Update, 13 Aug 2007:

A survived statue of Buddha carved into a rock is seen in Jehanabad.

Muslims are at it again:

Indian Express,
12 Sep 2007,
Militants try to blow up Buddha’s statue in Pak

A group of armed men arrived in the village late Monday saying they were mujahedeen, or Islamic fighters, and told residents they wanted to blow up the 7-meter statue, said villager Amir Khan.

“I told them that there are houses near to the rock and any blast could put our lives in danger, but they pointed their weapons at us,” said Khan.



The American Muslim, Wikipedia, Prophet Muhammad, and Muslims in need of Islam 101

The most recent non-issue being turned into a major incident by the thoughtless reaction of some Muslims is the Wikipedia entry on Prophet Muhammad. This wikipedia entry contains some paintings showing images of the Prophet from very old Islamic texts. Images also available to anyone who owns copies of the books in question, or who visits a museum or online academic archive of images.

Some Muslims have demanded removal of the pictures. Put together petitions to “cleanse” wikipedia of the pictures. Muslim blogs are posting requests to complain to wikipedia and sign petitions. Non Muslim blogs see this as an attempt at censorship.

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