Let all 100 million Mexicans come to America

LA GRAN MARCHA- March 25, 2006 - In foreground is LA City Hall.
LA GRAN MARCHA 25 Mar 2006 LA City Hall

NO - I am not joking. If you are a white college grad selling oranges on a street corner or picking grapes in California you should be worried about immigrants coming here and taking that job away from you. If it annoys you that someone other than you is clearing tables in a restaurant you should be worried about immigrants. If you showed up at a day-job gathering and you didn't get picked for an hour or two of grunt work, you should be worried about immigrants.

If you actually think that were it not for immigrants all restaurants would begin paying you $1500 a week to busboy, then you need to go back to school and take a course in economics.

The whole world has problems with unemployment, yet the US is enjoying an unprecedented boom despite the fact that 11 million illegal immigrants have stolen those precious $450,000 a year jobs on wall street.

Let's face facts, there will continue to be over 400,000 new Mexicans showing up on our doorsteps annually for the next 30 years. Instead of whining about it, let's put procedures in place to document them, and make the process a legal one instead of forcing them all to come in illegally.

One can cry about an insoluble problem or one can deal with it. Certainly, we need to secure our borders, but not to stem the flow of immigration (except for Muslims), but rather to control it. One can build a dam to regulate the flow of water, however, hold all of it back and it will overflow.

Mexicans would gladly register legally to come into this country. I say let them all in. 100 million of them. Here's why:

Mexican Money
Mexican Money
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If we let only a few hundred thousand come in as present, the Mexican government not only has no incentive to stem the outflow but encourages it. Despite Mexico’s slowly rising wages and prosperity and the lower demand for its workers in the United States, Mexico will still export over 18.5 million people northward by mid-century (1).

Currently, the largest flow of immigrant remittances, almost $25 billion a year, goes to Mexico. It surpasses what Mexico earns even in oil exports, helping to prop up their economy. If we legally allow entire Mexican families then there will be much smaller amounts of remittances sent back.

In addition, such small amounts that we let in presently serves as an escape valve for the Mexican government. They can postpone needed economic and social reforms by exporting citizens that would normally be the unemployed troublemakers in their economy. But if we sensibly allowed entire families to come in without the concomitant remittances, billions of dollars can stay in this country and force Mexico to aggressively fix its own house.

As for worries about where would all these people live: Quick - which country is larger area-wise, India, China, or the US? If you answered India with 1 billion population - HONK!!! If you answered China with 1.3 Billion - HONK!!! It is the United States. Although our population is less than ⅓ and ¼ respectively, we are in fact larger than either in land size. If India were the size of the United States, given India's current population density, it would have over 3 billion souls.

While both India and China have a negative immigration rate (more people leaving than coming in), the US, of course, has the highest for any country with any decent size population.

As for security concerns, I say we test immigrants the way the Dutch do to curb the amount of Muslims entering this country. (2) Hispanics for the most part integrate quite nicely into the American Culture. It is only because we have made it illegal for them that undocumented aliens are so slow to enter the American mainstream.

So while I favor restricting Muslim immigration because they cannot integrate into American society, racist and restrictive Hispanic immigration policies only serve to anger that community. Some elements of the Hispanic protest have gone over the edge in a backlash (3).

upside down American flag - mexican flag on topMichelle Malkin reports on the student protest that resulted in a Mexican flag being flown on top of an upside-down U.S. flag at a local school.

The bright spot of Mexican immigrants is that when they die they go back to Mexico.



Center for Immigration Studies, Another 50 Years of Mass Mexican Immigration

The migratory phenomenon between Mexico and the United States must be seen as structural and permanent in the bilateral relationship. Diverse factors such as geographical proximity, asymmetry and growing economic integration, and the intense relations and interchanges between both countries make the creation of migratory flows inevitable... The migration has costs for both sides that can only be addressed by working in a spirit of cooperation and mutual collaboration and in recognition of common benefits.... Building walls or using law enforcement or repressive measures, or stronger unilateral steps won't work to adequately regulate the flow of migratory labor between both countries.

(2): Here’s the Dutch system for curbing Muslim immigration:

Advocate.com, Would-be immigrants to the Netherlands must watch kiss video

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - The camera focuses on two gay men kissing in a park. Later, a topless woman emerges from the sea and walks onto a crowded beach. For would-be immigrants to the Netherlands, this film is a test of their readiness to participate in the liberal Dutch culture.

If they can't stomach it, no need to apply.

Despite whether they find the film offensive, applicants must buy a copy and watch it if they hope to pass the Netherlands' new entrance examination. The test — the first of its kind in the world — became compulsory Wednesday, and was made available at 138 Dutch embassies.

Taking the exam costs $420. The price for a preparation package that includes the film, a CD ROM and a picture album of famous Dutch people is $75. "As of today, immigrants wishing to settle in the Netherlands for, in particular, the purposes of marrying or forming a relationship will be required to take the civic integration examination abroad," the Immigration Ministry said in a statement.

The test is part of a broader crackdown on immigration that has been gathering momentum in the Netherlands since 2001. Anti-immigration sentiment peaked with filmmaker Theo van Gogh's murder by a Dutch national of Moroccan descent in November 2004.

Both praise and scorn have been poured on Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk, the architect of the new test and other policies that have reduced immigration by at least a third. "If you pass, you're more than welcome," Verdonk said. "It is in the interest of Dutch society and those concerned."

The camera focuses on two gay men kissing in a parkNot everyone is happy with the new test. "Today is a black day for the people intending to bring their partners to Holland," said Buitenlandse Partner, a lobbying group for mixed Dutch/immigrant couples. Dutch theologian Karel Steenbrink criticized the 105-minute movie, saying it would be offensive to some Muslims. "It is not a prudent way of welcoming people to the Netherlands," said Steenbrink, a professor at the University of Utrecht. "Minister Verdonk has radical ideas."

But Mohammed Sini, the chairman of Islam and Citizenship, a national Muslim organization, defended the film, saying that homosexuality is "a reality." Sini urged all immigrants "to embrace modernity."

A censored version with no homosexual and nude material had been prepared because it is illegal to show such images in Iran and some other countries, filmmaker Walter Goverde said. "With all the respect I have for all religions, I think people need to understand that Holland has its own liberal side as well," he said. After viewing the film, which is available in most languages, applicants are then quizzed on important Dutch factoids such as the number of provinces that make up the Netherlands; the role played by William of Orange in the country's history; and Queen Beatrix's monarchial functions.

There are some major exemptions. EU nationals, asylum-seekers and skilled workers who earn more than $54,000 per year will not be required to take the 30-minute computerized exam. Also, citizens of the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and Switzerland are exempt.


Aztlan.net, Aztlan Arising

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villagairosa, a Los Angeles Unified School District victim himself before he turned his life around, is already undertaking a bold moved to wrestle control of the district from a Jewish dominated school board and a White superintendent that are just fleecing the schools of much needed funds. School board Jews like Julie Korenstein, Marlene Canter, David Tokofsky, Jon Lauritzen and Mike Lansing are just enriching themselves and their cronies through crooked deals involving school construction projects, and contracts with so called consultants and vendors. The LAUSD is the second largest in the nation, next to New York, with a multi-billion dollar annual budget. It has an overwhelming Mexican and Latino student population. Jews have their own private schools so why are 5 Jews out of 7 school board members interested in governing the school district? The answer is all too obvious. La Voz de Aztlan has interviewed LAUSD teachers that complained that they have to buy, with their own money, pencils, paper and other school supplies that the district should provide. Something has to be done and Mayor Villaraigosa is on the right track.

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